IT Committees

IT-based committees at Iowa State University.


Information Technology Executive Committee (ITEC)

ITEC collaborates and organizes subcommittees that address technology intergrations across Iowa State. The committee consists of Iowa State's Senior Vice Presidents and Provost, the Chief of Staff for the Office of the President, and the Office of the Chief Information Officer (CIO).

Technology Enterprise Advisory Committee (TEAC)

TEAC reviews and communicates enterprise technologies at Iowa State. The committee reports enterprise level considerations to the IT Executive Committee (ITEC).

Associate Dean Information Technology Committee (ADTR)

ADTR works with Associate Dean and College IT staff for college wide IT strategy and policy planning.

Information Technology Leadership Committee (ITLC)

ITLC focuses on central and college IT issues and planning with members from colleges, extension, and the university library represent the committee.

Computation Advisory Committee (CAC)

CAC oversees the expenditure of the computer fee assessed to all students, and advises the Provost and Iowa State IT on instructional and research computing.