Computation Advisory Committee

Iowa State University Computation Advisory Committee (CAC) oversees expenditures of the student technology fee.

About CAC

CAC advises the Provost on policies related to the collection, distribution, and use of Student Technology Fees.

Mission / function statement of CAC (approved October 6, 2005):

  1. To advise and make recommendations to the Provost regarding instructional and research computation at Iowa State University.
  2. To advise the office of Information Technology Services, ITS, on instructional and research computation services.
  3. To advise and make recommendations to the Provost regarding the assessment, collection, and appropriate expenditure of the University Student Computer Fee.
  4. To execute the policies and administrative responsibilities assigned to the Computation Advisory Committee by the Provost.

Committee Members

Faculty and staff are selected to represent each college, IT Services, and the Parks Library. Students are selected to represent each college, Government of the Student Body (GSB), and the Graduate and Professional Student Senate (GPSS). For a list of members and contact information, visit the CAC university committee website.

Committee Representation


CAC Calendar

CAC Meeting Agenda, Minutes, and Handouts

Proposal Process

Flow Diagram for Proposals to CAC

  1. Stage 1: Idea Generation Process
  2. Stage 2: Proposal Process

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Awarded Proposals and Reports

Awarded Proposals and Final Reports

Annual Unit Reports

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