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Step up your security against hackers in just an hour

This blog entry expired March 24, 2017. It may contain out-of-date information.

Get smart when it comes to protecting yourself on the web and enhance the security measures you take on all of your devices. A recent article in the Wall Street Journal highlights five steps you can take in an hour or less to improve security and decrease the risk of being hacked. 

1. Update your software

Regular software updates can prevent vulnerabilities from appearing on your computer or device. It is important to update all software, including your phone, computer, tablet, apps, browsers, and other digital devices. 

2. Fix your passwords

Passwords can be your best defense against hackers. It is best to create passwords that are long, not easy to guess, and different for every account. To enhance password security, activate two-factor authentication on your more sensitive accounts. This requires additional information in order to log in and notifies you when your account has been accessed. 

3. Encrypt your devices

Encryption provides a barrier between your device and hackers. To encrypt your mobile devices, enable the lock function and add a password. For your computer, activate encryption and use a password to protect your information.  

4. Bolster your browser privacy 

Remove information stored in your browser and activate the Do Not Track function to ward off trackers and unwanted advertising. This helps keep your browser more secure. 

5. Conduct an app census

Your apps may be invading your privacy and tracking your every move. Review your privacy settings and control how much information your apps can get about you. 

Read the full article for more information and detailed instructions of the five security steps.