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Classroom capture technology allows an instructor to record his or her lectures and presentations and make them available to students via media content sites such as iTunes U and the WebCT learning management system.

Recorded content can be provided to students as audio files, enhanced podcasts incorporating visuals, or as full, rich-media presentations that add a video component. Students can use these files to review material presented in the classroom and to prepare for tests and quizzes.

IT Services provides support for classroom capture via the Echo 360 system. This was chosen because of its ease of use for instructors, its scalability, and the ability to automatically upload files to both iTunes U and WebCT.

The system can be set not only to upload files automatically, but also start and stop recordings based on a pre-defined schedule, making for a nearly hands-off experience for instructors.

There are two ways to capture classroom content. One way is use a capture appliance, which can be installed semi-permanently in the classroom and provides voice, video, and computer recording. The other way is through software added to an instructor's laptop which allows for voice and computer screen captures.

Capture Software

The Echo 360 capture software does not allow for video recording, but it can be used in any class setting since the software resides on the instructor's laptop. Once installed, the computer can automatically begin recording at the beginning of class, stop at the end, and upload the files to WebCT and/or Itunes U. Ad hoc recordings can also be made and uploaded.

Capture Appliance

The Echo 360 capture appliance is a hardware-based recording solution and must be installed in a classroom, along with a video camera and a microphone. Because there are a limited number of these units available, they are installed in one place for an entire semester. Recordings produced by the capture appliance are the only way to incorporate full-motion video in a presentation.

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If you additional questions, or would like to discuss getting set up to use classroom capture technology, contact Jim Twetten at (515) 294-2317.