Iowa State University

ITInformation Technology

CAC 2006-2007 Submitted Proposals

  Proposal Title Project Leader(s)
1 Upgrading Global Positioning System Hardware for NREM 446/546 and Related Courses S. Jungst
2 Enhancing the Soils Learning Center in room 1102 Agronomy Hall A. Manu
3 Computers and Video Equipment to Support New Media in Electronic Portfolios (same as 13) C. Reitmeier
4 Bessey Hall Graphics Workstation D. Dennis
5 Plant Pathology Computer Loan Program D. Dennis
6 High Resolution Digital Cameras with Capabilities for Interior and Exterior Panoramic Capture S. Herrnstadt, C. Faber
7 Laser Scanner Support for Computer Lab Center C. Chan
8 Sensory Design Laboratory M. Muecke
9 Digital Signage for Student Information S. Kovarik, J. Wellman
10 Problem Solving Learning Portal J. Jackman
11 Innovative Educational Techniques for Civil Engineering Students Utilizing Finite Element Analysis Software T. Wipf
12 iPods in the Classroom: Learning Opportunities and Possibilities D. Schmidt, D. Merkley, M. Rosenbusch
13* Computers and Video Equipment to Support New Media in Electronic Portfolios (same as 3) C. Reitmeier
14 Enhancing Public Macintosh Computer Lab and Computer Classroom for Mackay Hall A. Bechtel, R. Smith
15 Providing Students with Interactive Classroom Experiences Using Technology J. Elsberry, C. Michelini
16 Expanding the Reach of Iowa State’s Computer Classrooms L. Honeycutt
17 Increasing Students’ Metacognitive Assessment via University-wide Dissemination of Question Manager C. Ogilvie
18 Constructing a Virtual Laboratory Environment V. Dark
19 Expanding Pedagogical Options: A Pilot Test of Horizon Wimba’s Voice Tools J. Rodriguez
20 Upgrading Computer-Based Data Acquisition Systems in Biology Teaching Laboratories D. Vleck
21 The Undergraduate Project Laboratory X. Huang, B. Vanecek
22 World Language Studio J. Rodriguez
23 Integrating Mobile Computing into the Veterinary Medical Curriculum J. Danielson
24 Improving Student Access to Library Research Collections Through Digital Scanning of Microforms D. Gregory
25 Wireless Networking (Continued Support and Expansion) & Spreadsheet A. Bradley
26 Student Laptop Checkout M. Darbyshire, F. Poduska
27 Enhancing the Public Computing Lab (GIS Teaching Lab) in 248 Durham Center K. Kane
28 ISUCOMM Mobile Computer Classrooms Project W. Payne
29 Technology to Stay as National Leader M. Kline, B. Bishop
30 Enabling Enhanced Educational Content Capture, Distribution and Collaboration D. Anderson
31 Memorial Union Browsing Library Public Computer Lab Upgrade R. Rayburn, R. Reynolds
32 Technological Upgrading of the Memorial Union Student Office Space Computer Labs R. Rayburn, R. Reynolds
33 Birch-Welch-Roberts Classroom Space Improvement Project + Budget + Appendix J. Murphy, B. Schmidt, A. Foley
34 Richardson Court Association Technology Enhanced Classroom C. Zywicki, W. Wilke, H. Phillips, P. Englin, K. Earnest
35 Independent Literacy and Access Stations at Iowa State University S. Moats
36 Computer Technology for the Hixson-Lied Student Success Center S. Moats, J. Hirschman, L. Johnston
37 Promoting Academic Success for ISU Student Athletes Utilizing Transportable Computer Access D. Reed, S. Moats
38 Student Counseling Service Quality Assurance Video System + Quote + Appendix J. Brandon
39 LAN Gaming for ISU Students in the Memorial Union Recreation Center R. Rayburn, L. Bestler-Wilcox, R. Reynolds