Iowa State University

ITInformation Technology

CAC 2011-2012 Awarded Proposals

  Proposal Title Final Report Project Leader(s) Funding Awarded
1 Update the Video Conferencing Capabilities and the Lecture Capture Capabilities of BMS room 2025 Final Report D. Hoyt, J. Mack, B. Robertson, L. Trout $35,068
2 Moving Towards the Mobile Web Final Report A. Ramirez, A. Leisen, A. Greazel $11,289
3 Expansion of HD Video Camcorder Pool Final Report P. Bruski, Anson Call $48,135
6 Enhancing the Public Computing Lab (GIS teaching Lab) in 248 Durham Center Final Report K. Kane, R. McNeely, M. Miller $30,519
7 Student Laptop Checkout Final Report M. Darbyshire $69,026
8 Durham 139 Lab and Co-Lab Upgrade for ISU Students Final Report M. McGregor, M. Lohrbach $54,377
9 Enhancing Opportunities for English Pronunciation Practice and Improvement Final Report E. Cotos, J. Xu $43,372
14 Expanding Learning, Collaboration, and Engagement Opportunities in Medium and Large Lecture Environments Final Report D. Anderson, A. Rasmusson, T. Brumm $149,601
15 Expansion of ISU Online Testing Facilities & Services to Benefit all ISU Students Final Report A. Rasmusson, D. Anderson, T. Brumm $50,000