Iowa State University

ITInformation Technology

CAC 2011-2012 Submitted Proposals

  Proposal Title Project Leader(s)
1 Update the Video Conferencing Capabilities and the Lecture Capture Capabilities of BMS room 2025 D. Hoyt, J. Mack, B. Robertson, L. Trout
2 Moving Towards the Mobile Web A. Ramirez, A. Leisen, A. Greazel
3 Expansion of HD Video Camcorder Pool P. Bruski, Anson Call
4 Providing Training and Support for Online Instructors to Improve the Student Experience T. Vens
5 Leveraging Technological Innovations to Increase Student Engagement and Learning in Large Enrollment Introductory Biology Courses C. Coffman, J. Powell-Coffman, D. Sakaguchi, J. Essner, M. McGrail, P. Becraft, S. Howell, Y. Yin, A. Contento, L. Miller, K. Bovenmeyer, J. Rodriguez
6 Enhancing the Public Computing Lab (GIS teaching Lab) in 248 Durham Center K. Kane, R. McNeely, M. Miller
7 Student Laptop Checkout M. Darbyshire
8 Durham 139 Lab and Co-Lab Upgrade for ISU Students M. McGregor, M. Lohrbach
9 Enhancing Opportunities for English Pronunciation Practice and Improvement E. Cotos, J. Xu
10 Improving Quality of Blended and Online Instruction Through a Faculty Learning Community S. Mickelson, A. Schmidt, T. Vens
11 Enhancing Teaching and Learning through Proactive Approach and Universal Course Design L. Hassall, R. Heer, A. Schmidt
12 Helping Students and Faculty Learn and Teach in a Virtual World Environment J. Larsen, S. Johnson, C. Michelini, and E. Bang
13 Designing a Model Multimedia Framework for Organizing, Delivering, and Evaluating Instruction for Working Professionals K. Mokhtari, L. Hagedorn, A. Hutchison, J. Westerman-Beaty, J. Marshall, J. Thoma, N. Koehler, B. Beschorner
14 Expanding Learning, Collaboration, and Engagement Opportunities in Medium and Large Lecture Environments D. Anderson, A. Rasmusson, T. Brumm
15 Expansion of ISU Online Testing Facilities & Services to Benefit all ISU Students A. Rasmusson, D. Anderson, T. Brumm
16 A Technology-rich, Field- and Internet-based Educational laboratory for the Innovative Study of Groundwater and Surface Water on the ISU Campus C. Cervato, W. Simpkins, K. Franz, C. Rehmann
17 An Extensible Framework for Integrating new Educational Modules into ThinkSpace H. Rajan, Y. Hanna