Iowa State University

ITInformation Technology

CAC Proposals (2012-2013)

Title Document(s) Investigator(s) Awarded
Thin Clients and Assessment Cameras: Improving learning at the ISUCVM Proposal
Final Report
J. Danielson, J. Mack, D. Hoyt, T. Leisen, M. Gustafson $15,223
Purchase of a Microscope Camera and Monitor for use in the Clinical Microbiology Teaching Lab Proposal
Final Report
T. Frana, J. Kinyon, R. Main $7,510
Utilizing Technology to Bring the Farm to the Student and to Empower the Practitioner Proposal
Final Report
J. Ellingson, L. Karriker $4,285
Expanded Computational Chemistry Resources for Chemistry Proposal
Final Report
W. Jenks, M. Schmidt, S. Heideman $27,994
Laboratory for Video Game and Interactive Multimedia Courses Proposal
Final Report
C. Chang, J. Lathrop, S. Kautz, A. Miner, and B. Britt $106,860
Conversion of Student Computing in Heady Hall Public Laboratories to Terminal Server Format (Stage 2) Proposal
Final Report
O. Zhylyevskyy, B. Moore, M. Long, D. Dake $20,649
Student Laptop Checkout Proposal
Final Report
M. Darbyshire $44,809
The Quest to Maintain an Accessible Environment for All (Office of Student Disability Resources) Proposal
Final Report
S. Moats, A. Vetter $21,346
The Quest to Maintain an Accessible Environment for All (Academic Support Services) Proposal
Final Report
S. Rhoades $11,000
Memorial Union Lab Replacement for Student and Public Use Proposal
Final Report
R. Reynolds, S. Kernan $16,543
Modern, Wireless, Printing for Students While Experiencing New Life at ISU Proposal
Final Report
L. Olofson $23,682
Enhancing Student Learning and Community Through Collaborative Technology Proposal
Final Report
D. Culver, W. Wang, S. Johnson, A. Wade, J. Furjanic, L. Ebbers, D. Crawford $41,782
Use of Lecture Participation Software to Enhance Student Learning Proposal
Final Report
T. Boylston $12,000
Preparing High Quality Teachers Through Innovative Teaching Technology Proposal
Final Report
B. Trost, J. Krogh, G. Hong, A. Bugler $21,061
Transforming traditional lab instruction to blended instruction through computer-mediated activities Proposal
Final Report
K. Wang, G. Lomboy, X. Wang $17,400
Enhancing the Computing and Communication for the University Honors Program Proposal
Final Report
L. Flegel, S. Yager $28,859
Improving written communication skills with individualized intelligent feedback Proposal
E. Cotos, C. Ogilvie, V. Hegelheimer, B. Schwarte
Improving the Quality of Blended Instruction Through a Faculty Learning Community Proposal
A. VanDerZanden
Upgrade of Instructional Computer Lab Proposal
A. VanDerZanden, L. Orgler, M. Retallick, J. Iles, W. W. Miller
ThinkSpace Integration and Enhancements Proposal
J. Newell, C. Ogilvie, H. Bender, A. Peer
Acquisition of a suitable server for student practices of genomic and next-generation sequence data processing Proposal
H. Chou, X. Huang
Modeling Student Active Learning in ISU Classrooms Proposal
M. Darbyshire
Innovative Assessment Experience: Classroom Media Enhancements for HNSB 2021 Proposal
L. Lanningham-Foster, R. Martin