Iowa State University

ITInformation Technology

CAC Proposals (2013-2014)

Title Document(s) Investigator(s) Awarded
Student-Athlete Computer Lab Upgrade: Out with the Old, in with the Thin! Proposal
Final Report
T. Powell, D. Stack, C. Paul, D. Harris $23,512
Updating Apple Mobile Learning Lab for teaching courses in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Proposal
Final Report
D. Lavrov $30,873
Campus-wide Digital Access to Living Collections at Reiman Gardens Proposal
Final Report
T. McLaughlin, A. Steil, M. Widrlechner $60,520
Installation of operating room in- light HD cameras to facilitate teaching of veterinary surgery Proposal
Final Report
A. Krebs, C. Hedlund $29,694
To provide a laptop backup system for Vet Med students at ISU Proposal J. Mack
Interactive Virtual Surgery: New Ways to Learn Medicine Proposal
Final Report
D. Peterson, E. Winer, S. Gilert $67,239
Student Laptop Checkout Proposal
Final Report
M. Darbyshire $65,671
Audio/Visual Updates for the Hixson-Lied Student Success Center Proposal
Final Report
D. Sanborn, T. Powell $14,983
Additional Scanning Capability to Enable On-the-Spot Collection of Federally-Mandated Immigration Records Proposal J. Dorsett
Enhancing the GIS Design Computing Lab in 526 College of Design Proposal
Final Report
K. Kane, R. McNeely, M. Miller $18,628
High-quality, easy to use, portable sound recorders for use in the College of Design Proposal
Final Report
A. Braidwood, D. Ringholz, D. Satterfield, I. Lilligren
iPROMISE: Providing Accessibility to iPad Technology Proposal
Final Report
A. Quam, D. Satterfield $20,000