Iowa State University

ITInformation Technology

Coordinators by Type

Voice/Data coordinators assist IT Services in providing voice and data communications solutions such as telephone, ethernet, and cable services for specific departments and locations.

Department Staff
Treasurer Pietz, Jody
National Swine Research Info Ctr (NSRIC) Burke, Daniel
Treasurer Dye, Brad Allen
Division of Finance Holloway, Scott M
University Extension Paris, Nancy A
Admissions Braymen, Ruth B
Aerospace Engineering Riedel, Carolyn Irene
Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering Bell, Kristine Ann
Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering Anderson, Sylvia Jean
Agriculture Administration Knight, Rita M
Agronomy Brueland, Rita M
Dining Services Wedemeyer, Paul
Air Force Aerospace Studies Schaefer, Carla Jean
Animal Science Linn, Jane Elizabeth
Apparel, Events, Hospitality Management Van Voorhis, Victoria
Architecture Holt, Jean M
Athletic Department Lovell, Janet Lynn
Athletic Department Vogel, Jean Ellen
Veterinary Clinical Sciences Beckman, Paula Lynn
University Marketing & Promotions Anderson, Marcia L
Biomedical Sciences Adams, Kim M
Biomedical Sciences Erickson, Linda
Bookstore Goeres, Lisa Marie
Dean of Students Office Mueggenberg, Rita May
Brenton Center for Ag Instr Tech Transf Zander, Michelle Rene
ISU Foundation Thalacker, David E.
Ames Laboratory of US DOE Vaclav, Michael J
Center for Statistics and Applications in Forensic Evidence Renfro, Stacy Lynn
University Museums Pohlman, Lynette Lea
BioCentury Research Farm (BCFR) Long, Karla Y
Upward Bound Agyeman, Jane Onwona
Biotechnology Adams, Kim M
Value Added Agriculture-Extension Meyer, Kendra Sue
Vice President Student Affairs Foley, Jean L
Center for Crops Utilization Research Long, Karla Y
Vice President Student Affairs Wilbanks, Rosalie D
Center for Crops Utilization Research Best, Peggy Jean
Virtual Reality Applications Center Galvin, Glen Lee
Virtual Reality Applications Center Reinhart, Jodi Gwen
Virtual Reality Applications Center Evans, Sally Jane
Center for Distance Learning Johnson, Amanda Elise
Women's and Gender Studies Miller, Renea A
Small Business Development Center Duncan, Deb
Veterinary Medicine Administration Foster, Denae Marie
Youth & 4H Speake, Vicki A
Biotechnology Erickson, Linda
Center for Excellence in Learn & Teach Carlson, Marlys Marie
Youth & 4H Anderson, Jennifer Marie
Business Administration Forburger, Heather Lynn
Naval Science Radke, Susan
Chemical Engineering Smuck, Elaine E
Nutrition & Wellness Research Center Stewart, Jeanne M
Center for Sustainable Environmental Tch Staedtler, Becky
Office for Responsible Research Maybee, Bette Jayne
Agriculture and Life Sciences, College of Knight, Rita M
Philosophy and Religious Studies Krengel, Janet
Chemical Engineering Stotts, Michelle L
Physics & Astronomy Shuck, Linda Kay
Mathematics Steffen, Connie Sue
Physics & Astronomy Oberender, Gloria J
Chemistry Auestad, Carlene
Plant Introduction Station Cyr, Peter
Plant Introduction Station Bushman, Marci J
Child Care Services Beenken, Cindy
Plant Sciences Institute Brill, Deanne
Facilities Planning and Management Swindell, Riley Everett
Political Science Wray, Joyce A
Printing and Copy Services Covington, Zachary A
President Knipfel, Shirley J
Computer Science Andrews, Abigail Keturah
ISU Research Foundation Tiffany, Brian
Printing and Copy Services Louden, Robert Roy
Continuing Ed Registration Services Grewell, Tim
Continuing Ed Registration Services Coates, Deborah M
Continuing Ed Registration Services Weiss, Dee Ann
Senior Vice President & Provost Behling, Brenda Kay
Senior Vice President & Provost Lee, Melanie Kay
Engineering Undergraduate Programs Spurlock, Cynthia J
English Ward, Deanna R
Controller's Department Ackerman, Susan J
Controller's Department Rehlander-Barker, Jamie L
Reiman Gardens-VPBF Brockman, Nathan Gregory
World Languages and Cultures Runyan, Amanda Lynne
Natural Resource Ecology and Management Berhow, Janice E
Public Safety Franklin, Mishelle Renee
Public Safety Bowers, Robert Joseph
Dean of Students Office Gentile, Jennifer D.
Environmental Health & Safety Birkestrand, Rajean L
Design Administration Monthei, Virgene
Entomology Berhow, Janice E
Purchasing/Business Services Ervin, Cheryl Renee
Veterinary Clinical Sciences Alley, Lindsey Benton
Vet Microbiology & Preventive Medicine Hoyt, Vern
Environmental Programs Sprong, Sue
Receivables Office Anderson, Jaye
Extension Distribution Krenk, Freddie R
Receivables Office Van Dyke, Katina Kae
Extension to Agriculture-Extension Schultz, Madeline Margaret
Extension to Agriculture-Extension Gibler, Patricia G
Facilities Planning and Management Baumgarn, Kathleen M
Facilities Planning and Management Bollenbaugh, Kenneth
Facilities Planning and Management Brown, Leroy R
Facilities Planning and Management Witte, Marc E
Facilities Planning and Management Hamilton, Michael E
Facilities Planning and Management Nelson, Kelly J
Family & Consumer Sciences Extension Lewis, Patti
Microelectronics Research Center Koppenhaver, Karen K
Family & Consumer Sciences Extension Stewart, Traci
Recreation Services Stewart, Traci
Family & Consumer Sci Interdept Programs Meimann, Elizabeth Ann
Electrical and Computer Engineering Harris, Sara K.
Electrical and Computer Engineering Anderson, Virginia Marie
Fire Service Training Bureau Snider, Robin G
Food Science & Human Nutrition Thorson, Katherine Leah
Industrial & Manufacturing Systems Engr Barker, Claire H
HS College Boettcher, Theresa
Recreation Services Schmalzried, Tina Louise
Genetics, Development & Cell Biology McBirnie-Sprecher, Lynette
International Students and Scholars Vance, Deborah L
Geological and Atmospheric Sciences Frisk, Deann M
Entomology Porter, Tamara
Human Sciences Administration Boettcher, Theresa
Residence Halls Fisher, Joyce E
Residence Halls Garrey, Richard L
Global Agriculture Programs Finestead, Sue
Vice President for Diversity & Inclusion Bachelani, Fatma A
Institutional Research Dobbe, Nadine K
Institutional Research Johnson, Janet
Risk Management Hitsman, Dawn M
Government Relations Knipfel, Shirley J
Graduate College Stolt, Melissa Jean
Iowa Energy Center Kutz, Keith B
Seed Science Center - Experiment Station Shen, Lin
History Rivera, Jennifer K.
History Riney-Kehrberg, Pamela
Small Business Development Center Harris, Connie L
Iowa State Center Ewalt, Jake
Economic Dvlpmnt & Industry Relations Williams, Rebecca Helen
Honors Program-PRV Young, Linda K
Horticulture Gaul, Kim Rene
Iowa Crop Improve/Committee for Ag Dvmt Schmitz, Doan G
Human Development & Family Studies Ritland, Linda J
Human Development & Family Studies Wing, Beth Ann
Human Resource Services Balmer, Mindi Kae
Veterinary Medicine Administration Sebring, Lisa
Intensive English & Orientation Program Kramer, Linda Susan
Iowa State Daily Weaver, Charles Edward
Human Sciences Student Services Logston, Jeanne Ann
Residence Halls Wilson, Timothy Lee
Statistics Lagrange, Jeanette
Veterinary Diagnostic & Production Animal Medicine Behm, Amber Lyn
Statistics Beck, Jennifer Marie
Student Activities Center Milhous, Brigitte
Controller's Department Keech, Diana L
Molecular Biology Building Lelonek, Peter J
Leopold Center Rasmussen, Mark Axel
Iowa State Daily Widmer, Laura
Student Financial Aid Kendall, Patti M.
Memorial Union Hushak, Darren Nicholas
Student Health Center Dobelis, Patricia J
Student Health Center Heddens, Linda M.
ISU Foundation Michel, Linda L
Study Abroad Center Bontrager, Danette R
Study Abroad Center Clark, Catherine C
Mathematics Olson, Ellen
ISU Research Foundation Duncan, Patsy S
Transportation Services Wellik, Kathleen Renee
ISU Research Park Farnham, Michele M
Memorial Union Dague, Casey A
Center for Technology Learning & Teach Johnson, Sheley
Memorial Union Simpson, Rod
Memorial Union Turner, Mark Dellane
IT Services Academic Technologies Hanson, Julie M
Memorial Union Hotel Helmus, Laura L.
IT Services Academic Technologies Wilson, Michael A
Memorial Union-Event Management Trevillyan, Steven Kent
IT Services Office of CIO Jennings, Deb
Microbiology Trower, C. Christi
Microbiology Venkatagiri, Srimathi
IT Services Customer Services Kirts, Julie Ann
IT Services Networks & Communications Birdsall, Kathleen F
IT Services Networks & Communications Spencer, Sue
Military Science & Tactics Peterson, Kris A
Microelectronics Research Center Johnson, Nancy L
Greenlee School Journalism/Communication Angaran, Kristi L
Multicultural Student Affairs Hsu, Sunny Yuh-Yuh
Music/Theatre Vanderbroek, Liese S
Biochemistry, Biophysics and Molecular Biology Erickson, Linda
Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory Holdredge, Jennifer Allyn
Library Goodmanson, Kimberly
Business Forburger, Heather Lynn
Iowa State Daily Nicholas, Jane Ann
Partnerships in Prevention Science Inst Lamar, Pandora M
Educational Talent Search Agyeman, Jane Onwona
Facilities Planning and Management Hamilton, Margaret Marie
Laboratory Animal Resources Penaluna, Dan
Admissions Tungesvik, Jaclyn D.
Civil, Construction & Environmental Engineering Qvale, Nancy J
Civil, Construction & Environmental Engineering Wood, Denise Kay
Ecology, Evolution & Organismal Biology Hayes, Jacki R.
Ecology, Evolution & Organismal Biology McMahon, Janet L
Economics Johnson, Becky Lou
Economics McLaughlin, Diana Lee
Engineering Administration Eichorn, Heidi
Engineering Career Services Hoffman, Josceline Ann
Music/Theatre Curry, Lawrence P
Agricultural Education & Studies Christensen, Krystal G
Liberal Arts & Sciences Administration Simonson, Gaye M
Liberal Arts & Sciences Administration Palmer, Julie Marie
Office of Intellectl Prop & Tech Transfer Duncan, Patsy S
Records & Registration Upah, Sylvester C
Sociology McKay, Debra Sue
Sociology Miller, Renea A
Sponsored Programs Administration Wright, Diane E
Admissions Krakau, Mary J
Mechanical Engineering Schroeder, Deborah A
Veterinary Pathology Ratekin, Mark
Public Safety Carlson, Marie A.
Human Sciences Student Services Adams, Luann Galeazzi
Plant Pathology and Microbiology Downs, Brenda Sue
University Counsel Zenor, Sharon Joyce
World Languages and Cultures Cluff, Taylor Denvin
Biochemistry, Biophysics and Molecular Biology Adams, Kim M
Child Care Services Pepper, Penelope H
Business Graduate Program Forburger, Heather Lynn
BioCentury Research Farm (BCFR) Best, Peggy Jean
Center for Biorenewable Chemicals Hill, Gloria A.
Center for Technology Learning & Teach Lawson, Tera J
Psychology Hunter, Edith Marie
Institute for Physical Research & Tech Evans, Sally Jane
Design Administration Klahs, Sarah
Speech Communication Camp, Mary Ellen
Engineering Administration Jones, Jena Rose
Plant Introduction Station Perrett, Jesse
Veterinary Medicine Administration Cunningham, Katherine E
Greek Affairs Dyer, Katherine Elizabeth
Greek Affairs Marquardt, Cynthia K
Center for Statistics and Applications in Forensic Evidence Jud, Harlie Allison
Engineering-LAS Online Learning Meseke, Jennifer E.
Industrial & Manufacturing Systems Engr Briley, Krista A.
Information Assurance Ctr Anderson, Virginia Marie
Office of Equal Opportunity Reilly, Julie Leigh
IT Services Administrative Services Jutting, Karen J
Hixson Opportunity Awards Program Severson, Allison Jane
Human Resource Services Beenken, Cindy
Student Disability Resources Bergman, Cosette M
School of Education Smith, Marjorie Ann
Institute for Transportation Burdine, Nicholas J
Institute for Transportation Musal, James David
Program for Women in Science and Engineering (PWSE) Crow, Janice Rae
Office of Intellectl Prop & Tech Transfer Tiffany, Brian
Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory Finch, Mary Ann
Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory Meraz, Christine L
Agricultural Education & Studies Ortmann, Wendy L
Alumni Association Kolbo, Diane K
Natural Resource Ecology and Management Porter, Tamara
Food Science & Human Nutrition Willenborg, Brett Joseph
Veterinary Medicine Administration Kovarik, Steven P
Bioeconomy Institute (BEI) Engleen, Laurie
YWCA Merrick, Angela Geralyn
Business Undergraduate Program Walter, Clyde K
Kinesiology Wildeman, Lori L
Materials Science & Engineering Knight, Karen M
Center for Sustainable Rural Livelihoods Everly, Tenann L
University Museums Larson, Susan Kay
Student Support Services Program Hagley, Joyce A M
Facilities Planning and Management Schmidt, Michael Alan
Veterinary Medicine Administration Mills, Elizabeth J
Mathematics Tinker, Bonnie
Human Sciences Extension and Outreach Minnihan, Ellen L
Veterinary Diagnostic & Production Animal Medicine Whited, Anastasia Jo
Environmental Health & Safety Godfrey-Dixon, Karla S
WOI Radio Sieren, Matthew J
Anthropology Runyan, Amanda Lynne
ISU Foundation Alcott, Eric A
Student Counseling Service Greenlee, Terri Lynn
University Relations Parker, Alison
Central Stores Wicks, Tamara S
Student Wellness Prouty, Patricia L
Grants Hub Owen, Cathy A
Vice President for Research & Econ Devel Smith, Kendra Ann
Engineering Career Services Mullaney, Kellie Marie
Communities - Extension Stuve, Cindy Ruth
Center for Survey Statistics and Methodology Barr, Shannon Leigh
Communities - Extension Polking, Clare Louise
Kinesiology Day, Alvin L
Center for Industrial Research & Service Thach, Christopher A
Engineering-LAS Online Learning Rasmusson, Amanda Elise
Residence Halls Symons, David J
Division of Finance Burkhardt, Madeline M
Computer Science Long, Tamela Jean
Center for Nondestructive Evaluation Sansgaard, Cheryl B
Kinesiology Leibold, Ronald
President Michel, Tammy J.
Vet Microbiology & Preventive Medicine Krock, Tammy Ann
Liberal Arts & Sciences Administration Larwick, Bret R
Dining Services Wilson, Timothy Lee
Dining Services Symons, David J
Veterinary Pathology Maas, Blue
Brenton Center for Ag Instr Tech Transf Scofield, Gaylan G
Political Science Burkhart, Donna J
Physics & Astronomy Dahlsten, Brad Adam
Animal Science Aiton, Joan E
Animal Science Kaetzel, Kyla
Animal Science Morris, Keri Kae
Electrical and Computer Engineering Williams, Kay D
Biochemistry, Biophysics and Molecular Biology Lelonek, Peter J
Campus Dining Services Wedemeyer, Paul
University Services, Sr Vice Pres for Burkhardt, Madeline M
Greenlee School Journalism/Communication Witte, Courtney K