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Live Green

In 2008, Iowa State University President Gregory Geoffroy kicked off Live Green, a campus-wide initiative which challenged faculty, staff, and students to help ISU be a leader in sustainability among land grant institutions, and to recognize that involvement and dedication of every member of the Iowa State University community is critical to achieving this goal.

What is IT Services doing to help ISU Live Green?

Green IT

IT Services has committed to the Live Green challenge and has been busy researching ways to support this effort. Members of the ISU community regularly look to IT Services employees for guidance. By supporting and contributing to the Live Green initiative, IT Services is striving to provide resources, policies, and procedures that can be adopted campus-wide, enabling Iowa State to be the leader in sustainability among land grant institutions.

Reducing energy use and eliminating waste are two accomplishments that have been realized through the work IT Services has done in conjunction with the Live Green effort. Reducing energy consumption results in lower emissions and a reduced need for natural resources while also reducing costs. Eliminating waste reduces the amount of physical garbage on campus as well as the amount of greenhouse gases produced by allowing the garbage trucks to run less frequently.

These are just some of the ways IT Services is contributing to the Live Green initiative on campus:

Saving Energy

Saving Energy

  • Implementing mandatory sleep settings on all ITS supported computers resulting in an estimated $40,000 in annual savings. By adopting this policy, campus units save an average of $50 per computer annually vs leaving a machine on 24x7.
  • Making Dell's Green Monitor and 90% efficient power supplies the default for ISU orders, reducing energy use across campus.
  • Eliminating the need for costly desktop computers while saving energy by providing Virtual Desktops (VDI).
  • Replacing 25 old servers for every new one through server virtualization, resulting in an 80% reduction in energy.
  • Enabling the removal of individual file servers by moving to Network Attached Storage (NAS), resulting in energy efficiencies and reduced needs for physical space.
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Reducing Paper & Packaging

  • Converting to electronic reports for administrative systems allowing for a 25% reduction in paper use.
  • Setting network printers to duplex by default, potentially reducing paper usage by 50%.
  • Converting to online course and instructor evaluations eliminating the need for thousands of paper bubble sheets.
  • Eliminating materials shipped with new Dell computers, eliminating physical waste on campus.

Reducing Emissions

  • Enabling meetings and seminars to be attended on campus, virtually, reducing travel costs and saving time.
    • Multi-party conference calls allowing participation from on campus.
    • Web-based conferences and meetings can be attended on campus.
    • Webinars for on-site training and information sharing can be attended on campus.
Energy Star

Getting Involved

What can you do to help Live Green?

Listed below are several things you can do personally to help yourself and ISU Live Green:

  • Turn off all electronics when not in use.
  • Use power-saving features on personal computers.
  • Print only when necessary.
  • Use shared printers and USB-powered speakers.
  • Use a power strip to eliminate phantom power, vampire power, and idle current from unused peripherals.
  • Purchase Energy Star 5.0 or higher rated equipment.
  • Purchase 80Plus-rated power supplies on new equipment.