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Get Access to Administrative Systems

Getting Access to the Data

To request access for a user to any ISU Administrative Systems, the user's supervisor or representative is required to submit the Administrative Systems Request with the user's permanent ISU Net-­ID.

  1. Open the Administrative Systems Request.
  2. Fill out the user's information (Warning: do not "Save as a Draft").
    • The same form is used to grant access and remove access. In both cases, you will be selecting the box(es) under the tab(s) for access to be added or removed.
    • Only enter "Effective Date" if different than the date the form is submitted.
    • The user's Name/Net­ID is required for access.
    • If the default department is incorrect, identify the correct department under "Change of Department".
    • Under "Fiscal/Financial Approver," select the unit to which the department reports.
    • The "Justification for Access" is mandatory; explain why the user needs access.
    • If you wish to "Model" an existing user, select the Name/Net­ID of the user to be modeled from the drop­down menu.
    • Indicate in "Additional information to consider this request" which specific systems should be modeled.
    • Under "Administrative Systems" check the box(es) under the tab(s) for the appropriate data access.
  3. When finished, click "Submit" in the upper left corner.
  4. The supervisor/representative will receive an email when the request is submitted and also when ITS has addressed the login for the user.
  5. The data owner(s) will contact the requester/user when the system(s) requested are available.
  6. For more information, view the complete list of Administrative Systems.

Getting the Software

If you haven't yet, you may need to download and install the software needed to connect to ISUAS/ADIN: