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Change the Delivery of Your ISU Email Using ASW

These instructions will help students, faculty, and staff forward ISU email to a non-ISU email account using ASW. You need to do this if you are graduating from ISU. Although students will be able to log in to CyMail for approximately nine months after leaving ISU, we recommend you forward your email to a new provider. Use this time to migrate any existing emails to your new provider and to notify your correspondents of your new email address. If you have set forwarding, it will remain for an additional six months after your CyMail account is deleted.

Faculty and staff may forward their email to a non-ISU email account while employed at ISU; however, employees should be familiar with ISU's Email Best Practices before proceeding. Net-IDs for departing employees are suspended following their last day of work. Once the Net-ID is suspended, email delivery and any email forwarding will stop and a Notice of Non-Delivery reply will go out in response to any email received. To set up a personal email address to include in the Notice of Non-Delivery reply, see the procedure outlined on the Net-ID Suspension page.

Note: Once you have forwarded your email, ISU has no way to ensure that it will be delivered. Even the major email providers have at times blocked email from Iowa State University. ITS can only provide support for Iowa State email and cannot help once it has left Iowa State University.

  1. Log in to ASW with your Net-ID and password.

  2. Click "Change Mail Delivery."

  3. Under the box labeled, "I would like to have my email:," select from the following options, depending on your status.

    • Students will see:
      "Delivered to CyMail at Google"
      "Delivered to email address__________"

    • Faculty/Staff will see:
      "Delivered to Exchange"
      "Delivered to email address__________"

  4. To forward your email to an off-campus email, select "Delivered to email address" and enter the address to forward to in the text field.

  5. Click "Update Now."

To enter a personal email address to be included in the Notice of Non-Delivery, follow these steps:

  1. Log into ASW with your Net-ID and password.

  2. Click "Change Mail Delivery."

  3. Enter your personal email address in the box under "After Separation from ISU" and click "Update My info."