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Send Email to a Large Distribution List

You can request that ISU IT send a mass e-mail to all or part of the Iowa State community using ISU’s mailing service, Constant Contact. The fee to use Constant Contact is $26 paid with a departmental intramural or charged to the sender’s U-Bill.

A minimum of two business days is required to process mass e-mail requests; please keep this in mind when scheduling the send date for your e-mail. Your request will not be processed until ISU IT receives your payment, recipient list, and any images if applicable. If you plan to include an image in your message it must be saved as a .jpeg or .png file and must be 600 pixels wide and less than 1200 pixels tall. Once your request is processed you will receive ONE test e-mail that you will need to review and approve before ISU IT can send your final email. 


To send an e-mail to a large distribution list using mass e-mail:

  1. Request a list of e-mail addresses for the recipients of your message or prepare your own (Note: All people on the recipient list must have an Iowa State e-mail address.) (Note: There may be an additional cost to request specific lists.)
  2. Complete the Mass E-mail Request 
  3. Review and approve the test e-mail containing your message

For questions please contact the Solution Center at 515-294-4000 or

Note: If you are not part of the group to which you are sending the mass e-mail, you need to get permission from that group. For detailed information on permission required, refer to the Mass E-Mail and Effective Electronic Communication policy.

Create Groups in CyMail

Students can create mailing lists from existing contacts in their CyMail account. Before creating or using a list within Cymail, read the Mass E-mail and Effective Electronic Communication policy.

  1. Log in to your CyMail account and click on the Contacts link.
  2. Click the "New Group" icon in the upper left corner of the Contacts screen and follow the prompts and instructions for each step.
  3. For assistance click the Help link in the upper right corner of the CyMail screen.