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Iowa State Appoints New Digital Accessibility Coordinator

Nov 08, 2018 · By Caitlin Ware, Staff Writer
Cyndi Wiley, a tenured professor and chair of art and design at Grand View University, has been named Iowa State University’s new digital accessibility coordinator following a nationwide search. In her new role, Wiley will help to ensure that Iowa State online resources and technologies comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act and other federal and state laws governing access.

Box Update Notification Not a Scam, Do Not Dismiss

Nov 02, 2018 · By Brandon Hallmark, Staff Writer
Some individuals on Iowa State University's campus have received an email from Box, saying they are using an outdated version of the application.
These emails are legitimate; as of Nov. 12, 2018, Box will stop supporting TLS 1.0. Older versions of Box applications, such as Box Drive, Box Tools, Box Edit, Box Sync, etc., will no longer work.
Box tracks which version of the application users employ and is sending out notifications to users still on the older versions, which will not be supported after Nov. 12.

Six questions with the ISU Information Assurance Center director

Nov 01, 2018 · By Brandon Hallmark, Staff Writer
When it comes to knowledge about the cybersecurity realm and ways to keep technology safe, you would be hard pressed to find a better resource on Iowa State University’s campus than Doug Jacobson. As a professor of electrical and computer engineering and the director of the ISU Information Assurance Center, Jacobson teaches network security and information warfare, and has written a textbook on network security. In conjunction with National Cybersecurity Awareness Month — which runs through the duration of October — Jacobson sat down with Information Technology Services to answer the top questions of students looking to pursue a career in cybersecurity.

Extortion Scam Targeting ISU Email Accounts

Oct 26, 2018 · By Caitlin Ware and Brandon Hallmark, Staff Writers
An email-based extortion scam claiming possession of explicit personal information is circulating around Iowa State, and University account holders are encouraged to strengthen their security measures to prevent being targeted.

Several university accounts compromised, used in phishing attack

Oct 08, 2018 · By Brandon Hallmark, Staff Writer
Several Iowa State University accounts were recently compromised and used to send emails to other members of the university community, asking them to visit various websites where they were prompted to enter Net-IDs and passwords.

The incident that took place throughout last week was a phishing attack, which is an attempt to obtain sensitive information such as usernames and passwords disguised as trustworthy electronic communication.

Information Technology Services concludes campus-wide listening sessions

Oct 05, 2018 · By Caitlin Ware, Staff Writer

A new strategic plan to help guide Iowa State University’s Information Technology Services (ITS) department is in the works, with the help of recently collected feedback from stakeholder groups across campus.

Starting in April, an engagement project designed to gather information about the strengths and weaknesses of ITS was kickstarted by Chief Information Officer (CIO) Kristen Constant, as part of efforts to create a new five-year department strategic plan to replace its predecessor — which expired in 2015.