Five Ways to Enhance Collaboration with CyBox

1.    Use "Shared Links"
Shared Links are hyperlinks which point to content stored in Box, ideal for sharing content externally, with short-term collaborators or with people who do not have Box accounts. You can protect the Shared Link with a password or set it to expire on a given date. 

You can also use Shared Links on a website, PowerPoint, or in an email to quickly link to Box content, but be sure access levels are set appropriately for your audience. Options are to share with People with the linkPeople in your company or Invited people only

2.    Share Folders and Files with Collaborators
You can share files and folders with people who are working on projects and assignments with you. This is a great option when working on longer term projects where ongoing access to documents and files is required. Be sure to assign appropriate access levels to collaborators, and end collaborations when appropriate. 

3.    Organize Your Files and Folders into Collections
Collections allow you to sort Box content into groups to make items easier to find. Once you create and set up a collection, you can drag-and-drop items of your choice. Adding a file or folder to a collection does not move it from its original location. Your collections will appear in the left sidebar.  

4.    Configure Email Notifications to Track Folder Activity
All collaborators can configure Box email settings to suit their needs. For instance, you can choose to receive a notification sent to your email when someone in Box downloads, uploads, deletes, adds a comment, etc to an item. Configuring email notifications will help keep track of projects involving many moving parts.

5.    Use Box Notes to Collaborate in Real Time
You and members of your team can edit the same Box Note at the same time. This feature is great for taking meeting notes or working from the same project checklist. Learn more about collaborating using Box notes.