Webex Meetings update improves in-meeting navigation

On Tuesday, September 8, Cisco Webex released their latest Webex Meetings update that included a number of user experience enhancements. Campus users should not need to reinstall the Webex Meetings application to see the changes, however, fully closing and reopening the Webex Meetings desktop application may be required.

In the preview screen, users will see enhanced options for adjusting audio and video settings prior to entering a meeting. Larger buttons labeled with actions such as “Use computer audio” or “Test speaker and microphone” will be available. During meetings, hosts and attendees will also notice a simplified, always-visible menu at the bottom that includes “Share,” “Record” and “Chat” commands, among others. The current video and microphone icons will be replaced with clear commands to “Mute / Unmute” or “Start video / Stop video” as well as an indicator to help users determine if their microphone is functioning properly.

Additional enhancements to breakout sessions are targeted for release later this calendar year. These updates are expected to allow for pre-assigning breakout sessions, sharing videos (i.e. YouTube video) with better quality and using a “whiteboard” feature. The whiteboard feature will allow users to draw on their screen with a stylus and share it during a meeting.

For more information about the Webex Meetings update, visit the Cisco Webex Help Center.


Webex Meetings desktop application with six meeting participants and in-meeting navigation buttons.