New UI coming to CyBox includes personalized organization tool ‘My Collections’

Nov 25, 2020

On Thursday, December 10, 2020 at 9:00 p.m. CST, an update to the Box web application (known to Cyclones as CyBox) will be applied to all Iowa State University accounts and will include user interface (UI) updates focused on personalized file organization and improved accessibility. All Iowa State University students, faculty and staff using CyBox will see these changes when they sign in Friday morning. No features will be deprecated as part of this update. 

What’s New? 

The most visible of the user interface (UI) changes will be the red navigation menu. On the left side of the web application, all menu items including “All Files,” “Recents,” etc. will be displayed in light text with a rich crimson background. 

Screenshot of Box menu showing recent files 

Additionally, a new organization tool called Collections will be available to all CyBox users. The tool allows users to organize content in a way that is logical to them and name these self-curated collections whatever they choose. Collections are only visible to the user who creates them. Actions users can take on items within their collections include opening, previewing and editing. Deleting files and changing access settings is not possible from within a collection. To learn more about how to set up and use Box Collections, visit the Collections FAQ article located on the Box Support website

What’s Changed? 

Some existing Box features will be found in new locations to enhance accessibility and ease of use. 

  • The Share button, previously located in the folder detail pane after selecting a folder row, will now be a primary action item found in the top action bar.  
  • Adding an item to your Favorites can now be done from the top right the action bar instead of the top left breadcrumb (see image of breadcrumb below). 
  • A new outline icon can be found within the top breadcrumb that reduces the number of characters displayed on your screen. When working in a document, click the outline icon to navigate to any parent folder or to “All Files” in one easy click. 

Screenshot showing folder breadcrumbs in Box 

For more details about the new user interface and features available in this update, please visit the Box Support site