An Okta dashboard for 'Santa'

This year, Information Technology Services (ITS) endeavored to help 'good St. Nick' set up his Okta dashboard as a means to efficiently manage his holiday operations.

Okta serves as Iowa State University’s single sign-on solution; when users log in to Okta, a dashboard displays their personalized collection of software applications. Okta first rolled out to campus customers in 2018 as part of the WorkCyte initiative to modernize business processes and technology, and university employees adopted Okta’s multifactor authentication login shortly after.

Since that time, Iowa State has experienced a nearly 50 percent decrease in the number of university accounts compromised by phishing attacks, following a seven-year high in 2017. With so many benefits, it’s no wonder Santa wanted his own Okta dashboard, with applications like Webex, Workday, G-Drive and more.

Accessing Webex through his Okta dashboard, Santa can safely videochat with children amid global health precautions and ask what they are wishing for this holiday season. When he’s not videochatting, Santa can launch additional applications – like Workday – without needing to open a browser tab or click to another screen.

Using the Workday software, Santa and Mrs. Clause manage the human resources side of their operation, onboarding new reindeer, approving employees’ time-off and completing travel reimbursement for all those sleigh miles.

Of course, Santa must also have easy access to his file storage application containing toy schematics as well as AccessPlus for updating the The List (you know the one…), and launching them quickly and securely through Okta provides some much-needed convenience this time of year.

Education remains a priority for Santa, too and some great learning opportunities are available through the Canvas application. Online courses like History 330: Rudolph and the holiday of ’65, Aerospace Engineering 282: What to do if the sleigh breaks down and Animal Science 301: The care of magical reindeer are easily attended as instructors and students can log in to Canvas through, you guessed it, Okta.

The Okta dashboard is a great tool for Santa – and everyone – to efficiently and securely manage the applications needed to work and learn effectively. So say goodbye to separate application logins and welcome the new year with added convenience as you use the Okta dashboard.