Advice from the Pros: Getting Reacquainted with Campus AV

Dear IT Expert,

Now that I may be returning to on-site work, I'm nervous about getting my conference room and classroom AV working. What advice do you have for this situation?


Excited-but-nervous employee

When returning to campus, take a few minutes to check the audiovisual systems to ensure all equipment is in working order. Here are a few tips. 

Check conference room AV one or more days before your meeting.  

It turns out AV can get lonely, too, and may choose to misbehave. Gently coax it back into use. Do the AV and yourself a favor and do a test meeting in the designated conference room well in advance of your first meeting to identify any issues. If you run into issues, please reach out to the IT Solution Center who can direct you to the right IT team for assistance. 

Check classroom AV a week before your first class with your own computer. 

For classroom AV, it’s best to figure out early if the long time alone has made the system cranky. In addition, it’s just good practice to remind yourself how to navigate the controls and get your own computer successfully connected and displaying on the system. Be sure to test your computer audio and room mics, if applicable. If you run into issues, please contact the IT Solution Center

Don't forget the adapters. 

Remember, the audiovisual solutions on campus have wireless Solstice Pods, VGA cables, and/or HDMI cables to connect your computer. You may need an adapter for VGA or HDMI depending on the connectors built into your computer and what is available in the room. Those adapters are likely in the very bottom of that backpack you last used a year ago (or in the bottom of your sock drawer,) so be sure to track them down. 

Bring your webcam and/or USB microphone with you. 

Many of us chose to buy better webcams, headsets, and/or USB microphones to improve the capture of the untimely interruptions by our children and pets with much better video and audio fidelity for the others on our many remote meetings. Don't forget that a lot of meetings will still be online or hybrid even after you come back to campus. While the children and pets are best left at home, don’t forget to bring those conferencing peripherals with you! Or, if you don't own them, you may want to consider working with your department IT team to obtain some for your office. Order early as lead times can be extremely long right now. 

Check classroom AV a week before your first class with your own computer. 

Wait, did we already cover that somewhere… 

Be proactive and ask questions. 

The IT Services Audiovisual Experience Team is here to assist with questions and training when using the general university classrooms, but please be proactive. Despite our best efforts, we have not yet finished our cloning machine, so there are still just a few of around. If you would like some one-on-one training on using the AV technology in the classroom you will be teaching in, let us know as soon as possible so we can get you trained up. Please contact the IT Solution Center and tell them you would like to meet with someone from the Audiovisual Experience Team. 

Remote, in-person, or hybrid? 

Remember when you used to sit in a room in person with multiple people around a conference room table? Yep, we actually used to do that, and maybe you'll want to start doing that again! The key is to not make assumptions and communicate early if you will be changing your meetings from fully remote to all in-person or some form of hybrid. If you choose to do a hybrid solution, please check the conference room , very few conference rooms on campus can support remote or hybrid meetings.  

Plan, plan, plan. And then communicate, communicate, communicate.