Campus Guest Wi-Fi Network Provides Easier Access

Visitors to the Iowa State University campus will benefit from updates to the guest Wi-Fi network. The new system is similar to the “coffee shop” model where guests agree to network requirements and then have access for a limited time. Installation is projected to be completed by August 14. 

To access the guest Wi-Fi network, IASTATE-Guest, each guest is required to agree to the university’s acceptable use policy before being connected to the internet. Once connected, access is available for 24 hours. At the end of 24 hours, the guest can request access again by agreeing to the terms and conditions for another 24 hours.  

The updated guest network is being installed campuswide and is now available in university residence halls. Additional sites are being added in phases with work scheduled to be completed before fall semester begins.  

As installation progresses across campus some coverage holes may occur. When this happens, guests may be dropped from the new network and need to reconnect. 

Iowa State hosts three Wi-Fi options 

Faculty, staff and students are reminded to access eduroam for wireless service. Eduroam is the secure university Wi-Fi network for access to software, tools and printers. Information on the network is encrypted to keep data secure. Eduroam is accessed using university credentials. 

A second network, IASTATE, is most often used for devices, including gaming consoles, TVs and smart speakers. The network can also be used for desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile devices. Any devices on the IASTATE network must be registered. 

The guest network, IASTATE-Guest, is available to visitors and guests to the campus.