Box Update Notification Not a Scam, Do Not Dismiss

Nov 02, 2018

Some individuals on Iowa State University's campus have received an email from Box, saying they are using an outdated version of the application.

These emails are legitimate; as of Nov. 12, 2018, Box will stop supporting TLS 1.0. Older versions of Box applications, such as Box Drive, Box Tools, Box Edit, Box Sync, etc., will no longer work.

Box tracks which version of the application users employ and is sending out notifications to users still on the older versions, which will not be supported after Nov. 12.


An example of the email notification being sent to campus community members alerting them to update their application version of Box.


Windows users can determine which version of Box is in use by navigating to Control Panel > Programs and Features > Box Sync > Help. For MacOS users, Apple symbol (top left) > About This Mac > System Report > Applications > Box Sync.

 The ITS Security Team advises that email recipients consult with their IT staff before updating software. For those who use an ITS-supported CorePlus computer, the new versions of BoxDrive and BoxTools are available in the Software Center. To download the new versions, all other applications must be quit prior to installing.