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14 Nov 2017Phishing email on campus
17 May 2017Protecting Against WannaCry
04 May 2017What to Do if You Think You May Have Fallen Victim to the 3 May 2017 Phishing Attack on Gmail and Google Docs
29 Apr 2017Scam Targeting Campus Organization Officers – Money Transfers
02 Feb 2017IRS Issues Warning Regarding W-2 Phishing Scam
16 Dec 2016Increased Volume of Phishing Emails
01 Sep 2016Links that do the job
25 Aug 2016ISU IT tightens network access to thwart would-be intruders
22 Jul 2016IT @ ISU News for July 2016
21 Jul 2016Color your website accessible
23 Jun 2016How to create accessible Word docs
09 Jun 2016The art of alternative text for websites
20 Nov 2015IT @ ISU News for November 2015
19 Nov 2015Major updates coming for business, student technology systems
21 Oct 2015IT @ ISU News for October 2015
24 Sep 2015Wireless upgrades sweeping across campus
15 Sep 2015Iowa State Daily: ISU creates web accessibility coordinator position
15 Sep 2015IT @ ISU News for September 2015
02 Sep 2015Iowa State Daily: laptop encryption moving forward
01 Sep 2015MPI Workshop at the University of Iowa
24 Aug 2015Iowa State Daily: New IT website seeks to help new students, staff with technology
17 Aug 2015HPC@ISU Powers Advanced Agronomy Research
11 Aug 2015IT @ ISU News for August 2015
29 Jul 2015Blackboard instructor technical support moves to Solution Center, expands hours
24 Jul 2015Science Visualization Summer School at the University of Iowa
08 Jul 2015IT @ ISU News for July 2015
05 Jun 2015IT @ ISU News for June 2015
12 Mar 2015Multi-Core Processor Training Offered by Intel
27 Jan 20152015 International Summer School on HPC Challenges in Computational Sciences
12 Nov 2014High Performance Computing (Math/ComS/CprE 525), Spring 2015
02 Oct 2014No Fallout from Shellshock Bug
25 Sep 2014Security Alert: Linux, Mac OS X, and Other UNIX Systems Threatened
25 Sep 2014Multi-Core Processor Training Offered by Intel
23 Sep 2014Growing with HPC
21 Aug 2014Introduction to High Performance Computing (Math/ComS/CprE 424X), Fall 2014
28 Jul 2014Office 365 Migration Update: Schedule for Week of July 28
21 Jul 2014Office 365 Migration Update: Schedule for Week of July 21
17 Jul 2014HPC at the Molecular Level
15 Jul 2014Security Alert: Dropbox Phishing Scam
11 Jul 2014Office 365 Migration Update: Schedule for Week of July 14
09 Jul 2014High-Speed Network Upgrades Caused Service Interruptions
30 Jun 2014Office 365 Migration Update: Schedule for Week of June 30
20 Jun 2014Office 365 Migration Update: Schedule for Week of June 23
16 Jun 2014Office 365 Migration Update: Schedule for Week of June 16
06 Jun 2014Office 365 Migration Update: Schedule for Week of June 9
30 May 2014Office 365 Migration Update: Schedule for Week of June 2
23 May 2014Office 365 Migration Update: Schedule for Week of May 26
23 May 2014Campus "Group Buy" for the Next High Performance Computing Cluster
21 May 2014Security Alert: Check Out Conference Invites Thoroughly
20 May 2014Wireless Upgrade Update
19 May 2014Office 365 Migration Update: Schedule for Week of May 19
12 May 2014HPC Takes on Real World Problems, Large and Small
12 May 2014Office 365 Migration Update: Schedule for Week of May 12
07 May 2014$4 Million Wireless Upgrade Begins
02 May 2014Internet Explorer Security Flaw Patched
02 May 2014Eduroam: Faster, More Secure Wireless Connection
01 May 2014Internet Explorer Security Flaw; Consider Switching Browsers
16 Apr 2014Office 365 Migration Update: Schedule for Weeks of April 14 and April 21
14 Apr 2014Kuali Student Welcomes New Partner Iowa State University
10 Apr 2014Office 365 Migration Update: Schedule for Week of April 7
10 Apr 2014ISU Alum and President of EDUCAUSE to Speak at ISU April 21
02 Apr 2014Students Get Office 365 ProPlus for Free
31 Mar 2014Migrating Faculty/Staff Email to Microsoft Office 365
28 Mar 2014Wireless Survey Update: Building Schedule for Weeks of March 31 and April 7
24 Mar 2014ISU HPC: Helping to Feed the World
24 Mar 2014Wireless Survey Update: Building Schedule for Week of March 24
13 Mar 2014Wireless Survey Update: Building Schedule for Week of March 17
06 Mar 2014Wireless Survey Update: Building Schedule for Weeks of March 3 and March 10
24 Feb 2014Wireless Survey Update: Building Schedule for Week of February 24
21 Feb 2014Security Alert: You are NOT Getting a Raise
14 Feb 2014Wireless Survey Update: Building Schedule for Week of February 17
14 Feb 2014Security Alert: New Phishing Strategy Detected
07 Feb 2014Wireless Survey Update: Building Schedule for Week of February 10
07 Feb 2014Real-World Physical Phenomena: Model, Design and Control through HPC
03 Feb 2014Blue Waters Student Internship Program Now Accepting Applicants
03 Feb 2014International HPC Summer School 2014 on HPC Challenges in Computational Sciences
03 Feb 2014Wireless Survey Update: Building Schedule for Week of February 3
22 Jan 2014Wireless Survey Update: Building Schedule for Weeks of January 20 and January 27
17 Jan 2014Wireless Survey Update: Building Schedule for Week of January 20
15 Jan 2014Wireless Survey Update: Building Schedule for Week of January 13
13 Jan 2014New Telephone System: Pull Calls from Your Cell Phone to Your Desk Phone
06 Jan 2014New Telephone System: Message-Only Greeting Now Available
17 Dec 2013Wireless Workers On Campus for Several Months
16 Dec 2013Want to try HPC? CyStorm is Open for Business
12 Dec 2013The Verdict on eText: Not Yet
05 Dec 2013Advancing HPC Education at Iowa State
02 Dec 2013Security Alert: Safe Online Shopping Tips
02 Dec 2013Check Your Junk E-mail Folder
26 Nov 2013Security Alert: Phishing Scammers are Getting Smarter; Protect Your Data
04 Nov 2013New HPC Course Offered to Undergrads
30 Oct 2013CyBox is Drumming Up Business
28 Oct 2013Security Alert: Cryptolocker Virus Detected on Campus
24 Oct 2013Blue Waters Supercomputer Available for Educational Projects
21 Oct 2013Setting Up a Big Call? Use Meet-Me Conferencing
11 Oct 2013Moving Your Phone to a New Jack
09 Oct 2013CyEnce: Taking on Climate
08 Oct 2013Scam Alert: Suspicious Email Messages
07 Oct 2013It's Never Too Late for Training
26 Sep 2013Record More Than One Telephone Greeting
24 Sep 2013Survey Says: Qualtrics!
20 Sep 2013Make Your Phone Your Own: Time for Templates
18 Sep 2013Default Spam Rule In Place for Exchange Users October 16
13 Sep 2013We're Listening! "Please Hold" Telephone Greeting has Gone Away
09 Sep 2013Stay Cyber Safe
06 Sep 2013With Your New Phone, You Can Be in Two Places at Once
04 Sep 2013Security Alert: Blackboard Scam
01 Sep 2013Speaker: Frank Lee (IBM): Big Data for Research, Scale, Speed and Smart
30 Aug 2013Stay Up to Date with Telephone Resources
30 Aug 2013Iowa Public Radio: River to River: Arun Somani Talks About Cyence
21 Aug 2013New Telephone Training Sessions Available for All Users
21 Aug 2013Iowa State turns on 'Cyence,' the most powerful computer ever on campus
15 Aug 2013A New Way to Get Data Access to Administrative Systems
05 Aug 2013New NSF MRI (HPC) Equipment Is Here!
01 Aug 2013New Telephone System: Change Your Passwords
30 Jul 2013BOREAS-Net Gets 100 Gig Upgrade
23 Jul 2013Somani receives IBM Faculty Award
17 Jul 2013Land-lines soon to be a relic of the past on ISU campus
17 Jul 2013Iowa State University Joins Internet2 NET+ SIP Program
16 Jul 2013New Telephone System: More Training Sessions Available
08 Jul 2013New Telephone System: More Conversions This Week
28 Jun 2013New Telephone System: Learning to Use Your New Telephone
13 Jun 2013New Telephone System: Halfway Mark
07 Jun 2013New Telephone System: Here's What We're Hearing
31 May 2013New Telephone System: Are You Ready for Conversion?
24 May 2013New Telephone System: What Telephone Do You Use May 31? [Updated!]
16 May 2013Off-Campus Users Disabled from Recursive DNS Queries
16 May 2013New Telephone System: Look for Emails from Voice/Data Coordinators
09 May 2013New Telephone System: Installation on Schedule
03 May 2013Virtual Surgery and Digital Plant Access Highlight CAC Awards
02 May 2013New Telephone System: Installation Underway
25 Apr 2013New Telephone System: What You Need to Know About Installation
18 Apr 2013New Telephone System: 18 Buildings Getting New Phones May 1; Remainder to Follow
17 Apr 2013Security Alert: Beware Email with "Boston Marathon Explosion" in Subject
11 Apr 2013NET+ SIP Program: Aastra® Hosted PBX
11 Apr 2013New Phone System: Information Coming!
01 Apr 2013NET+ Box
01 Apr 2013Introducing CyBox: Cloud-Based File Storage and Sharing
28 Mar 2013On the Road with Eduroam
25 Mar 2013Wireless Project Update (March 2013)
29 Jan 2013GIS Facility Moves from ITS to Join College of Design
17 Jan 2013Q&A About the January 10 Outage
01 Nov 2012Change in the Net-ID Suspension Process for Employees Leaving ISU
22 Oct 2012Wireless Project Update (October 2012)
04 Oct 2012Wireless Collaboration
03 Oct 2012Microsoft Agreement for Campus Renewed
27 Sep 2012New NSF award for high-performance computing
25 Sep 2012New NSF Award for HPC at ISU
21 Sep 2012Scam Alert: Latest Phishing Emails Appear to Come from ITS
17 Sep 2012Net-ID Account Suspensions (Fall 2012)
06 Sep 2012Hiring Student PHP Web Developers
06 Sep 2012Hiring Student iOS Mobile Application Developers
07 Aug 2012Wireless Project Update (August 2012)
02 Aug 2012Scam Alert: More Phishing Emails Appearing on Campus
03 Jul 2012Iowa State Switches to Symantec Antivirus Protection for Mac OS X
26 Jun 2012ISU Renews Contract with
07 Jun 2012LinkedIn Users Advised to Change Passwords After Security Breach
06 Jun 2012ITS Helps Bring Smithsonian Folklife Festival Exhibit to Life
29 May 2012Scam Alert: Fake Security Patch Email
22 May 2012ISU Participates in Apple's Volume Purchase Program for Discounted iOS Apps
21 May 2012ITS Offices Closed for Memorial Day Weekend
21 May 2012Campus Access to Kuali & eData News and Information
21 May 2012Wireless Project Update, May 2012
10 May 2012CAC Announces 2012-13 Awards
23 Apr 2012What Every Graduate Should Know Before Leaving Iowa State
20 Apr 2012Scam Alert: Fake Solution Center Call
04 Apr 2012Scam Alert: "Collaborative Networks" Email Invitation
21 Mar 2012Community of Educational Technology Support (ComETS) Symposium, Thursday, March 22
09 Mar 2012Faster Ethernet Speed at a Flat Rate
06 Mar 2012Are You at Risk for Identity Fraud?
27 Feb 2012ISU Provides Antivirus Protection
21 Feb 2012Hackers Are Becoming More Sophisticated
20 Feb 2012Exchange Migration Results in New Features for Users
06 Feb 2012Scam Alert: Spearphishing Campaign Targets ISU
03 Feb 2012Net-ID Account Suspensions
06 Jan 2012NSF CyberInfrastructure Login
20 Dec 2011Anti-virus Solutions
30 Nov 2011HPC@ISU: A New Direction for High-Performance Computing
30 Nov 2011HPC@ISU: A New Direction for High-Performance Computing
07 Nov 2011Exchange 2010 Offers New Features for Outlook Web App
17 Oct 2011Spear Phishing Email Appears to Come from Solution Center
17 Oct 2011Microsoft Exchange 2010
05 Oct 2011New Wireless Initiative
04 Oct 2011Blackboard Learn System (Updated Oct 4)
28 Sep 2011Mac Software Collection Now Available for University Computers
27 Sep 2011Net-ID Account Suspensions
23 Sep 2011Panopto Captures Iowa State
09 Sep 2011Summer is a Hot Time for Classroom Services
01 Sep 2011Printing on Campus Grows with PaperCut
30 Aug 2011Online Accessibility Webinar Sponsored by IT Services
29 Aug 2011Making the Move from WebCT to Blackboard
23 Aug 2011Cooking Up a New ERP
15 Aug 2011IT Support for Students During Move In Week
12 Aug 2011New Direction for Solution Center Desktop Support
11 Aug 2011CyFiles: A New Storage Option
15 Jul 2011IT Services and TechCYte Give Away iPad in Facebook Contest
30 Jun 2011IT Services Closed July 4 Weekend
07 Jun 2011Anti-Virus Solutions
26 May 2011State Employee's Actions Allegedly Leaves Computer System Vulnerable
23 May 2011ITS Offices Closed for Memorial Day Weekend
20 May 2011Email Security Enhancements
16 May 2011ITS to Participate in Summer Orientation Resource Fair
09 May 2011IT Services Summer Hours
14 Apr 2011ComETS Identifies Connected Student Needs
13 Apr 2011CAC Funding to ITS Leads to Wireless Upgrades
07 Apr 2011Theft of Epsilon Data Could Lead to New Phishing Scams
06 Apr 2011Managing Your Outlook Exchange Account
04 Apr 2011Why did I get this email about a conflict between Google and CyMail accounts?
30 Mar 2011New Anti-Virus Software Adopted for Iowa State
23 Mar 2011Academic Technologies at Iowa State - Join the Discussion
21 Mar 2011Social Networking Sites Add Secure Browsing Option
10 Mar 2011Spring Break Hours for Durham and Solution Center
23 Feb 2011ISU Researchers Discuss ThinkSpace at EDUCAUSE Meeting
23 Feb 2011IT Services Supports Live Green
18 Feb 2011ITS Hiring Student PHP Programmers
11 Feb 2011Recent Attacks Result in Changes to Email Settings
10 Feb 2011Students Vote on Wireless Access Points
28 Jan 2011Twetten Appointed to EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative (ELI) Advisory Board
20 Jan 2011ITS Rolls Out Virtual Desktop Service
18 Jan 2011ITS Hiring Undergraduate Students for Technical and Customer Service Positions
07 Jan 2011Solution Center, Computer Repair Closed for Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday
07 Jan 2011Get Instant Updates for Your Windows Computer
07 Jan 2011X-Win32 Discontinued
06 Jan 2011Improved Wireless Access Coming to Campus
05 Jan 2011Iowa State Helps Launch Kuali Foundation Open-Source HR/Payroll Initiative
10 Dec 2010Office 2011 for Mac Now Available through HUP
15 Nov 2010Iowa State University Hosting Iowa GIS Day Event on November 17
09 Nov 2010Security Alert: Firefox Add-On Enables Hijacking of Web Sessions
08 Nov 2010Exchange Database Maintenance
11 Oct 2010Beware of Telephone-Based Phishing
06 Oct 2010EDUCAUSE 2010 Online Annual Conference: October 13-15
20 Sep 2010Exchange Database Maintenance
16 Sep 2010EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative Offers Webinar on September 20
15 Sep 2010Lecture by Dr. George Strawn Tonight in Howe Hall
13 Sep 2010Exchange Database Maintenance
09 Sep 2010EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative Offers Two Seminars in September
07 Sep 2010Net-ID Account Suspensions
07 Sep 2010CAC Seeks Student-Focused Technology Projects
02 Sep 2010Durham Center Hours on Labor Day Weekend
01 Sep 2010PPP Service Ending December 15
25 Aug 2010PPP Service Ending December 15; No New Users Starting September 1
10 Aug 2010Inspector Now Required for All Student-Owned Windows Computers
10 Aug 2010All Users Must Migrate to Exchange or CyMail by September 1
06 Aug 2010Warning: Do Not Respond to Phishing Emails
02 Aug 2010Help Available in Residence Halls to Get Your Computer Connected During Move-In Week
27 Jul 2010Broadband Expansion to Benefit Iowa's Public Universities
02 Jul 2010Offices Closed for Independence Day Weekend
16 Jun 2010Copyright and the Higher Education Opportunity Act
07 Jun 2010New Login Link for Tutorials
03 Jun 2010Linux Multi-User SAS Service to be Discontinued
01 Jun 2010Scout Service Disabled
01 Jun 2010Resolving Undeliverable Mail in Exchange
26 May 2010Summer Hours at the Durham Center and ITS
25 May 2010Offices Closed for Memorial Day Weekend
19 May 2010Campus Computing Projects Receive Funding
19 May 2010Iowa State Receives Apple Commitment to Excellence Award
18 May 2010Lecture Capture Technology White Paper Available
17 May 2010Test & Evaluation Services Offers Delivery and Online Ordering
11 May 2010Iowa State's Geographic Information Systems Facility Helps Track Oil Spill
07 May 2010Test and Evaluation Services Will Deliver Starting May 17
06 May 2010Summer Hours at the Durham Center
29 Apr 2010ISU Web Pages Hit the Small Screen
27 Apr 2010Security Alert: Malware on the Des Moines Register Website
27 Apr 2010ITS Now Offers Virtual Servers
27 Apr 2010Alumni Association Offers Email Addresses for Iowa State Alumni
08 Apr 2010Hackers Target Banking Credentials
10 Mar 2010Durham Center Spring Break Hours
10 Mar 2010Spring Break Hours in IT Services
09 Mar 2010Daylight Saving Time Begins March 14
09 Mar 2010Net-ID Account Suspensions
22 Feb 2010Solution Center Hours Effective March 1
03 Feb 2010New Wave of Malware Prompts Computer Security Alert
03 Feb 2010Microsoft Office Home Use Program for Faculty and Staff
15 Jan 2010Offices Closed for January 18 University Holiday
08 Jan 2010CAC's Annual Call for Proposals
07 Jan 2010IT Services Training Offerings
16 Dec 2009Online Shopping Tip: Keep a Record
10 Dec 2009Solution Center, Durham Center Winter Break Hours
09 Dec 2009Online Shopping Tip: Make Payments Securely
08 Dec 2009Durham Center, Solution Center Closed
04 Dec 2009IT Services Winter Break Hours
02 Dec 2009Online Shopping Tip: Secure Your Transactions
25 Nov 2009Online Shopping Tip: Don't Use Public Computers or Public Wireless Access
20 Nov 2009Workstation Power Management
06 Nov 2009Thanksgiving Break Hours at the Durham Center
04 Nov 2009Training: Contribute for Websites
23 Oct 2009Blue Waters Petascale Computing Seminar
14 Oct 2009GIS Facility Works on Historic Aerial Photos Project
13 Oct 2009Seminar: Mathematica in Teaching and Research
09 Oct 2009WebCT Show and Tell on October 14
08 Oct 2009New Iowa State Directory Online
07 Oct 2009Fresh Phish of the Day: Fake Database Upgrade
02 Oct 2009Exchange Server Issues (Resolved Oct 10, 9:15 AM)
29 Sep 2009On-Demand Learning from
28 Sep 2009Net-ID Account Suspensions
09 Sep 2009Job Opportunity: Kuali Hiring Technical Lead Architect
08 Sep 2009New Emergency Contact Service Ready
02 Sep 2009Known Issues with Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard)
01 Sep 2009Durham Center Hours on Labor Day Weekend
31 Aug 2009PaperCut, New Printing Options for Students
31 Aug 2009Glenn Luecke to Speak at International Parallel Tools Workshop
25 Aug 2009ITS's John Rose is Red Hat Certified Engineer of the Year
19 Aug 2009CyMail Now Available for All Students
18 Aug 2009Kuali Hiring Quality Assurance Director
18 Aug 2009Cystorm, Iowa State's New Supercomputer
13 Aug 2009Be Aware You're Uploading
04 Aug 2009CyMail Now Available for New Students
07 Jul 2009Email Phishing Scams: Do Not Reply!
06 Jul 2009IT Services Summer Hours
02 Jul 2009July 10 Seminar: How to Use Facebook
25 Jun 2009"Facebook and Friends" Slides Now Available
24 Jun 2009Durham Center Closed Independence Day Weekend
17 Jun 2009Dell Warranty Service Changes Effective July 1
16 Jun 2009June 19 Seminar: Facebook and Friends
12 Jun 2009Digital Transition on June 12
09 Jun 2009US Cellular Offers Free Battery Swap for Iowa State Employees
08 Jun 2009IMSL Campus License Expires July 1
27 May 2009Safeguard Laptop Data
19 May 2009Solution Center Closed for Memorial Day Weekend
29 Apr 2009Summer Hours at the Durham Center
22 Apr 2009Facebook and Spam Attacks
16 Apr 2009Internet Explorer 8 Not Fully Compatible with WebCT
15 Apr 2009VPN Service: Out with the Old, In with the New
15 Apr 2009Engaging Students Online: ISU Course Showcase on April 28
08 Apr 2009Worm Discovered on Campus; Update Your Anti-Virus Software
02 Apr 2009NAG License Has Expired
02 Apr 2009CSLG Software and ESL Programs To Be Discontinued July 1
02 Apr 2009IPv6 Presentation, Video Available
31 Mar 2009Security Notice: "Conficker" Worm Requires Immediate Patch
31 Mar 2009Presentation: Dell Servers and Storage
18 Mar 2009Today's Phish: Ames News Is Not News
10 Mar 2009Spring Break Hours in IT Services
05 Mar 2009Durham Center Spring Break Hours
11 Feb 2009Risky Valentines
07 Feb 2009Staying Safe on Social Network Sites
02 Feb 2009Collaborate Green: Videoconference!
22 Jan 2009TurningPoint Update Required for Instructors Using Clickers
21 Jan 2009CAC's Annual Call for Proposals
12 Jan 2009Talk About IT: Classroom Capture
10 Dec 2008Solution Center, Durham Center Winter Break Hours
10 Dec 2008IT Services Winter Break Hours
10 Dec 2008Seeking Student Employees
20 Nov 2008Class Podcasting Made Easy, with iTunes U
18 Nov 2008November 21 Seminar: Podcasting, iTunes U, and Classroom Capture
13 Nov 2008Thanksgiving Break Hours at the Durham Center
12 Nov 2008GIS Day is November 19
06 Nov 2008WebMail Account Warnings are Bogus
31 Oct 2008Daylight Saving Time Ends November 2
28 Oct 2008IT Services Partners with Blackboard on Moodle Connector
23 Oct 2008Music and Videos Without the Risk
23 Oct 2008CyberSecurity Fair on October 29
24 Sep 2008Select Office 2003 ITS Training Courses Added
11 Sep 2008WebCT Access Restored
09 Sep 2008Durham Center Hours
28 Aug 2008Student Job Fair on September 3
27 Aug 2008Solution Center Hours, Holiday Weekend
20 Aug 2008We Will Not Ask For Your Password in an Email
13 Aug 2008Students: Help Connecting Computer During Move-In Week
11 Aug 2008Reconfigure Kerberos to Use Version 5
17 Jul 2008Upgrade Windows Printing Utility; Old Won't Work After August 14
30 May 2008Update Adobe Flash Player to Avoid Exploit
23 May 2008Inbound Spam Rejection
29 Apr 2008Summer Hours at the Durham Center
29 Apr 2008IT Services Summer Hours
25 Apr 2008Kerberos Reconfiguration Required by May 15
09 Apr 2008Email Phishing Scams! DO NOT REPLY!
20 Mar 2008IT Services Adds Additional Training Offerings
14 Mar 2008Dell Roadmap Briefing on March 26
11 Mar 2008IT Services Spring Break Hours
05 Mar 2008Reminder: Daylight Saving Time Starts March 8
01 Mar 2008Email Phishing Scams! DO NOT REPLY!
26 Feb 2008IT Services Blocking Outbound Spam
10 Feb 2008New Password Rules for ADIN & AccessPlus
10 Feb 2008Traveling with Lithium Batteries
23 Jan 2008BlackBerry Service Available
22 Jan 2008Seminar: Technical Computing with MATLAB and Simulink
18 Jan 2008Virus Alert! Dangerous Email
10 Jan 2008CAC's Annual Call for Proposals
08 Jan 2008Apple Technology Update; Podcasting Solutions
12 Dec 2007Microsoft Settlement Claim Submitted by Iowa State
07 Dec 2007Winter Break Hours at the Durham Center
07 Dec 2007IT Services Hours Over Winter Break
19 Nov 2007Thanksgiving Break Hours for the Durham Center
19 Nov 2007Thanksgiving Break Hours for IT Services
09 Nov 2007GIS Day 2007
09 Nov 2007Changes to Password Complexity Rules
06 Nov 2007CyberSecurity Expert Burnham to Present at ISU
20 Oct 2007CyberSecurity Fair on October 31
20 Oct 2007GIS Day: Call for Posters
17 Oct 2007Daylight Saving Time Ends November 4
11 Sep 2007Presentation: "Mathematica 6 in Education and Research"
27 Aug 2007"Mac OS X Server Today and Tomorrow" Presentation
21 Aug 2007Email Scams: Don't Click that Link!
20 Aug 2007New "Talk About IT" Episode: Windows Vista Support
17 Aug 2007IT Services Training Offerings
14 Aug 2007Iowa State Part of Team Recommended for Supercomputer Project
08 Aug 2007IT Services Hiring Students; Check Job Fair August 30
02 Jul 2007Greeting Card & Patch Scam - Don't Click that Link!
21 Jun 2007iPhone and Exchange
07 Jun 2007Free Computer Recycling Program
31 May 2007WebCT GOLD Workshops
31 May 2007New Students: Get Started Here
25 Apr 2007IT Services Summer Course Offerings
16 Apr 2007Webinar: Trends in Student Life and Student Technologies
16 Apr 2007Iowa State, Iowa join two Midwest universities to create high-speed data network
11 Apr 2007Solution Center Expands Hours
04 Apr 2007Install Critical Security Patch for Windows
27 Mar 2007Collaborative Learning Spaces Available for Students
19 Mar 2007Office 2007 Tips
05 Mar 2007MATLAB and Simulink Demos March 8
28 Feb 2007Spring Break Hours at the Durham Center
28 Feb 2007IT Services Hours During Spring 2007 Break
28 Feb 2007Daylight Saving Time Started March 11, Affects Calendars (and More)
26 Feb 2007Durham Center Learning Spaces for Students Now Open
19 Feb 2007WebCT GOLD Show and Tell on Feb. 27
14 Feb 2007IT Services Hiring Students; Job Fair February 28
12 Feb 2007Technical Computing with MATLAB and Simulink [Cancelled]
05 Feb 2007AppleTalk Removed from Network
02 Feb 2007Teaching and Learning Technology Workshops
29 Jan 2007Be Smart About IT: P2P and Filesharing
25 Jan 2007Test Scoring Unavailable February 1 and 2
24 Jan 2007Scam Alert: Business Directory and Toner
19 Jan 2007Before You Upgrade to Vista ...
16 Jan 2007Ht://Dig Software to Retire January 31
12 Jan 2007Webinar: What Net Gen Students Have to Say
08 Jan 2007CAC's Annual Call for Proposals
08 Jan 2007FOX 17 on Campus Cable Channel 18 for BCS National Championship Game
21 Dec 2006W32/Sagevo Worm Exploits Symantec Anti-Virus Package
21 Dec 2006W32/Sagevo Worm Exploits Symantec Anti-Virus Package
20 Dec 2006CCSG Has a Sweet Spot
06 Dec 2006Winter Break Hours at the Durham Center
06 Dec 2006IT Services Hours During Winter Break
05 Dec 2006Outlook and Excel Training
04 Dec 2006How Strong Is Your Password?
29 Nov 2006Excel and Access Training
20 Nov 2006Using Clickers for Class
17 Nov 2006Thanksgiving Break Hours for Durham Center
17 Nov 2006Thanksgiving Break Hours for IT Services
16 Nov 2006Upcoming Training from IT Services
13 Nov 2006Sun's Volume Storage Lineup Session Rescheduled to Tuesday
08 Nov 2006Celebrate GIS Day on November 15
06 Nov 2006Sun Storage Overview [Cancelled]
01 Nov 2006Update on Library Router Issues
30 Oct 2006High Performance Computing Course in Spring
25 Oct 2006Is All Your Mail Getting To Yahoo?
18 Oct 2006Be Smart About IT
18 Oct 2006Assistive Technology Lab Open House on October 25
15 Oct 2006Dell Laptop Battery Recall
15 Oct 2006Apple Laptop Battery Exchange Program
28 Sep 2006Tech CYte Grand Opening on October 4
27 Sep 2006Windows Lockout Policy Effective October 3
20 Sep 2006Sun Technology Presentation
15 Sep 2006Unix Professional Course Series
11 Sep 2006Iowa State Computing Power Jumps Another 1.8 Trillion Calculations per Second
11 Sep 2006"Assessing the Efficacy of Technology in Promoting Student Learning" Webinar
30 Aug 2006IT Services Hiring Students
28 Aug 2006IT Services Exchange Mailbox Size Increases to 1GB
22 Aug 2006IT Services Hiring Students; Check Job Fair August 30
16 Aug 2006Wait a Minute!
15 Aug 2006WebCT Vista Goes GOLD
12 Aug 2006Computer Sales Moved to University Book Store
12 Aug 2006Guest Network Access for ISU Visitors
11 Aug 2006Applying Fair Use Doctrine Webinar
27 Jul 2006Phishing on the Rise
10 Jul 2006IBM BlueGene/L Seminars on July 13
29 Jun 2006Proper Email Etiquette Stamps Seal of Approval
28 Jun 2006Iowa State Returns to Supercomputer Rankings
27 Jun 2006"Clicker" Committee Recommendation Released
27 Jun 2006New WebCT Version Ready
19 Jun 2006Syndicating the Learning Process Webinar
08 May 2006Vet Med Partners with IT Services
01 May 2006Annual Spring Computer Sale Through May 26
26 Apr 2006Annual Network Cleanup Process, May 8
25 Apr 2006AFS Outage Resolved
17 Apr 2006Online Conference on Personal Broadcasting, April 26 & 27
17 Apr 2006Update, Validate, Confirm? Don't Click!
13 Apr 2006BlueGene Supercomputer Presentation, April 20
10 Apr 2006Course on Linux Security, April 21
06 Apr 2006Outage April 11 During Upgrades
05 Apr 2006WebMail, Outgoing mail outage - RESOLVED
03 Apr 2006Authentication Issues Resolved
03 Apr 2006Server Outage
29 Mar 2006Update OpenAFS Windows Clients
29 Mar 2006Outage April 4 During Server Upgrades
28 Mar 2006Intermittent internet problems
28 Mar 2006AFS Server Outage
22 Mar 2006AFS Outage
22 Mar 2006WebCT Down Saturday, April 1
13 Mar 2006WebMail Changes
10 Mar 2006Network Router Replacement on Thursday, March 16
09 Mar 2006WebCT Outage
09 Mar 2006Network Maintenance on Tuesday, March 14
07 Mar 2006RealServer Upgrade Postponed
07 Mar 2006Spring Break Hours at the Durham Center
07 Mar 2006IT Services Hours During Spring Break
03 Mar 2006WebCT Down Saturday, March 11
02 Mar 2006IT Services Hiring Students; Check Job Fair March 7 and 8
28 Feb 2006File server outage - Resolved
28 Feb 2006Overview of Apple Pro Applications March 7
23 Feb 2006File server outage
22 Feb 2006Mail Outage Early Saturday
30 Jan 2006Podcasting Begins for the Lectures Program
24 Jan 2006Project Management Short Course on February 6
24 Jan 2006Unix Professional Course Series
23 Jan 2006Student Computing Proposals Sought
23 Jan 2006Ends Friday Noon: Special Pricing on Dell Computer Systems
18 Jan 2006Webmail Outage
06 Jan 2006File server outage
06 Jan 2006Patch Now to Combat Windows Critical Vulnerability
16 Dec 2005File server outage resolved
15 Dec 2005Name Server Outages
15 Dec 2005Winter Break Hours at the Durham Center
15 Dec 2005IT Services Hours During Winter Break
08 Dec 2005Web Accessibility Experts To Discuss Legal Issues and Design Tips
01 Dec 2005Secure Online Shopping Tips
21 Nov 2005Faculty...What Are Your IT Wants and Needs? Tell Us At Monday's Open Forum
17 Nov 2005Thanksgiving Break Hours at the Durham Center
15 Nov 2005"Implementing Podcasting in the Classroom" on November 30
14 Nov 2005Iowa States GIS Day Events, November 16
03 Nov 2005Wanted: Student Opinions
01 Nov 2005High Performance Computing Course in Spring 2006
31 Oct 2005Fall Bulk Computer Sales Event
24 Oct 2005Mail Problems
19 Oct 2005Off-campus connection problem
18 Oct 2005Read Carefully: Red Cross Messages Not From the Red Cross
18 Oct 2005"High-Tech Ethics" on October 26
18 Oct 2005"Wikis for Collaboration, Sharing and Learning" on November 3
18 Oct 2005Suggest Improvements to Red Hat on October 24
30 Sep 2005Beware Katrina Phishing Schemes
29 Sep 2005Network Maintenance on Friday
29 Sep 2005Register Now: WebCT Show-and-Tell on October 5
26 Sep 2005Unix Professional Course Series
21 Sep 2005Sept 28 Open House Showcases IT for the Classroom
14 Sep 2005Now Hiring Student Web Developers
14 Sep 2005High Performance Computing Clusters Seminar on September 27
14 Sep 2005"Assistive Technology Supports" Program on September 20
12 Sep 2005IT Services Staff Member Receives GIS Award
02 Sep 2005Security Update: Windows 2000 Systems Compromised on Campus
29 Aug 2005Teaching and Learning Technology Workshops
22 Aug 2005MATLAB on the "isua" Server to be Discontinued
21 Aug 2005Durham Center Hours
17 Aug 2005Update Now to Fend Off Latest Worm and Variants
16 Aug 2005Summer Break Hours at the Durham Center
29 Jul 2005Special Pricing on Gateway Computers During August
28 Jul 2005Network Maintenance Early on Friday
15 Jul 2005Special Pricing on Computers During Summer Sale
12 Jul 2005File server maintenance early Wednesday
05 Jul 2005Exchange email maintenance completed July 4 weekend
27 Jun 2005ATS Exchange/Outlook server outage
23 Jun 2005Netreg Outage
03 Jun 2005Adobe departmental licensing changes
24 May 2005Some Apple laptop batteries recalled
24 May 2005Default filespace increased to 1 gigabyte
24 May 2005Teaching and learning technology workshops
19 May 2005Work on mail servers continues
16 May 2005Spam flood from Sober worm
16 May 2005Unix professional course series underway
16 May 2005Maintenance Tuesday, Accounts and Services on the Web (ASW)
11 May 2005Iowa State IT specialist presenting in webcast at U.S. Department of Homeland Security
10 May 2005Network maintenance May 11-13
03 May 2005Issues with Mac OS X 10.4 and Virex, VPN, and OpenAFS
03 May 2005Annual network cleanup process May 9
02 May 2005Summer Hours at the Durham Center
27 Apr 2005Behind the scenes: This week's WebMail outage
26 Apr 2005VPN user? Delay upgrade to Mac OS X 10.4
26 Apr 2005WebMail problems seem to be resolved
26 Apr 2005WebCT out of service during upgrades May 12
25 Apr 2005WebMail server problems
22 Apr 2005Student response system pilot program for fall 2005
21 Apr 2005Educational technology event May 9
19 Apr 2005New mail virus outbreak
19 Apr 2005Frequently asked questions--student response system pilot project
15 Apr 2005Place computer bulk savings orders by May 27
13 Apr 2005CIO presentation to Faculty Senate
12 Apr 2005Windows XP Service Pack 2 delivery block expiring
12 Apr 2005Your Iowa State email address after May graduation
06 Apr 2005Safety advisory: Recall and replacement of Dell AC adapters
01 Apr 2005Samba seminar on April 14
22 Mar 2005Simpler URLs
16 Mar 2005Site at unavailable early Thursday
10 Mar 2005Banking on your vulnerability
07 Mar 2005Moira upgrade completed
02 Mar 2005Spring break hours for Durham Center
28 Feb 2005Fake mail from FBI or Microsoft is really the Sober virus
25 Feb 2005Microsoft Sharepoint tech briefing March 8
25 Feb 2005Apple "Music and More" on March 8
01 Feb 2005VP letter on file sharing
01 Feb 2005IT career opportunities at Iowa State
26 Jan 2005Computer sales expands hours
26 Jan 2005Teaching and learning technology workshops
20 Jan 2005Information Technology Study Report
19 Jan 2005VPN passwords to be discontinued; certificate-based authentication continues
13 Jan 2005Instructional IT proposals sought
13 Jan 2005January 18 maintenance will affect WebMail, file access
11 Jan 2005Iowa State email delays resolved
11 Jan 2005WebMail back in service
07 Jan 2005Technology delivers award-winning teaching tips for faculty
06 Jan 2005Weekend hours at the Solution Center
29 Dec 2004Network interruptions possible January 3
13 Dec 2004Assistive Technology Lab at Iowa State to reopen
13 Dec 2004Your Iowa State email address after December graduation
18 Nov 2004Network load management upgrade
17 Nov 2004Special prices on Apple and Dell computers end December 15
17 Nov 2004Net-ID filespace now 500 megabytes
27 Oct 2004Faculty/Staff Open Forum on IT Directions
27 Oct 2004Student Open Forum on IT Directions
03 Oct 2004To keep your computer connected, keep it protected
02 Oct 2004How to fight back against spam
01 Oct 2004Know legal issues of sharing music, programs