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Podcasting Begins for the Lectures Program

This news item expired March 30, 2006. It may contain out-of-date information.
The Lectures Program has started a podcasting service for lectures presented in the spring semester of 2006. Working with Information Technology Services, the Lectures Program is recording visiting lecturers (those who give permission) and placing those recordings on the Lectures web site. Those interested in each lecture, particularly faculty and students in those areas, can visit or re-visit the lectures.

To participate in the Lectures Program Podcasts, you need to have a "podcatching" client software on your computer. These free, downloadable software clients are easily found via any search engine. One of the most common podcatching clients is Apple's iTunes software. You need only enter the podcast address into your podcatching software, and the downloads will happen automatically to your computer for all future Lectures podcasts. Go to the Lectures Program Podcasts page.

Educational possibilities exist even beyond the capabilities of the new Lectures Program podcasts. Podcasting allows students to review class materials in preparation for exams, or simply review material they may not have fully understood during the class lecture.

Video podcasts, or Vodcasts, can bring even greater power to the technology for students who own a video MP3 player. It provides a portable motion media playback device for pedagogical procedures. This can prove to be a powerful learning tool, for instance, in laboratories where computer access is limited: an engineering wave lab procedure can be reviewed by students on an iPod moments before they need to conduct similar testing; a veterinary endoscopic procedure can be reviewed moments before a student needs to perform the procedure themselves; an agronomic procedure for cross-pollinating plants can be reviewed just before the student has to conduct the same procedure in a greenhouse.

Podcasting of programs is happening across campus. It is a relatively simple technology that many people can set up on their own. For more information or assistance with podcasting, go to the Podcasting page or contact IT Services at 515-294-6014.