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WebMail Changes

This news item expired March 31, 2006. It may contain out-of-date information.
WebMail has been upgraded and the following changes have been incorporated:
  • WebMail now uses Pubcookie for user authentication.
  • The default login time increased to eight hours (from one hour).
  • Compatability problems with WebMail Deluxe and Safari on Mac OS X have been fixed.
PubCookie Authentication WebMail now uses Pubcookie for user authentication. With Pubcookie, a user logs in as usual with a Net-ID and password, but then can access other websites and services that use Pubcookie without the need to log in again, as long as you haven‘t closed your web browser. This is also known as ’single sign-on“ functionality. Examples of some sites that use PubCookie for authentication:
Security with PubCookie PubCookie uses cookies in your web browser to carry your login information from one site to another site. Logging out of WebMail does not destroy these cookies. Therefore, you should completely exit your browser when you are finished viewing secure sites that use PubCookie. If you do not, the next person to use the browser can access the sites with your login. WebMail Deluxe and Mac OS X Safari The compatability problems Safari users have had with WebMail Deluxe have been fixed. You can now use WebMail Deluxe from any of our supported browsers. Questions If you have questions or experience problems, contact the Solution Center at 515-294-4000 or .