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Update OpenAFS Windows Clients

This news item expired April 12, 2006. It may contain out-of-date information.
Older versions of the OpenAFS for Windows client are causing problems with the central AFS file service, which causes outages that affect all users of the central AFS file service (including services such as WebMail and centrally provided web servers). Client versions of 1.3.8000 or higher do not cause these problems. So you should be using at least that lever or higher.

We strongly recommend that you run version 1.4.0008 of OpenAFS for Windows, which has several fixes that also give better end-user performance. This version is available as the "Current" section of Scout ( or from OpenAFS at .

To check the version of the AFS client you are running, click on the "padlock" icon to bring up the "AFS Client" window. In the top right corner, you‘ll find your "AFS Version".

If you have any questions, contact the Solution Center at or 515-294-4000.