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Wait a Minute!

This news item expired August 26, 2006. It may contain out-of-date information.
Having trouble with a cranky password? Wait a minute before trying it again.

Effective Tuesday, July 25, changes to the system controlling Net-ID logins will prevent you from logging in after a number of failed login attempts. The lockout is temporary, lasting for one minute.

Many systems in use at Iowa State have a security feature designed to slow down hackers who use computer programs to crack people's passwords. This feature locks an account when there are too many incorrect password attempts. Each password system on campus has its own way of handling this.

Beginning Tuesday, a change to the Kerberos system controlling Net-ID based logins activates this feature for the first time. Three to five consecutive login attempts using an incorrect password will lock the account for one minute.

So if you're having trouble logging into email, any of the PubCookie-controlled services, the online Net-ID services at, WebCT, or computers in the IASTATE domain, wait a minute before trying again. While you wait, double-check to ensure you don‘t have the caps lock key on while entering your password; this is often the problem with failed login attempts.

This particular change does not affect AccessPlus, ADIN/Passport, Novell, Exchange, or Active Directory logins. As usual, call the Solution Center at 515.294.4000 for assistance.