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IT Services Exchange Mailbox Size Increases to 1GB

This news item expired September 26, 2006. It may contain out-of-date information.
Effective September 1, 2006, a new service model will be implemented for the IT Services Exchange email service. The most important change for this service is an increase in mailbox storage size from 100 MB to 1 GB.

Two options will be available to the campus community. Option #1 is a Bulk Purchase Agreement and option #2 is a Standard Purchase Agreement. Both options provide email and calendar use at $4/month per mailbox with 1 GB of storage.

Features of Bulk Purchase Agreement
    [*]Department is given a bulk storage quota equaling the total number of supported mailboxes times 1 GB of storage. [*]Department is not given a quota limit on any specific mailbox; rather the department receives one bulk storage quota for the total number of mailboxes supported. [*]Consolidated monthly billing when one fund account number is provided. [*]Space usage reviewed monthly to help mitigate excess charges.

Simply stated, the storage space is for the entire department to use and is not specific to one individual mailbox. For example, if one individual in the department requires 1.5 GB of space, but another only uses .5 GB or less, the individual using the 1.5 GB of storage will not incur the additional $4/month charge for the extra storage because between the two individuals the department is still within their bulk storage quota.

If the department exceeds the total bulk storage quota, the equivalent of a 1 GB mailbox will be added for each GB over the quota. For example, if the department has 100 supported mailboxes the total bulk storage quota equals 100 GB. If the actual monthly usage for the entire department is 102 GB, the monthly bill will be increased the equivalent of 2 mailboxes, equal to $8/month.

Features of Standard Purchase Agreement
    [*]Each individual mailbox is granted 1 GB of storage with no bulk storage quota (each individual is limited to a total of 1 GB of storage). [*]Monthly billing for each mailbox and calendar object billed to any/multiple fund account numbers. [*]Mailboxes exceeding 1 GB of storage incur charge of $4/GB per month. [*]Space usage reviewed monthly to help mitigate excess charges.

Summary of Purchase Agreements
    [*]Both offer Exchange email at rate of $4/month plus $1/month per calendar object. [*]Both offer 1 GB of storage for each supported mailbox. [*]Bulk Purchase Agreement delivers a bulk storage quota based on the number of mailboxes supported across the entire department. [*]Standard Purchase Agreement grants each individual mailbox 1 GB of storage.

If you have any questions regarding the two purchase agreement options or which one is best for your department, contact IT Services at 515-294-8034 or if you have an IT Services analyst you can contact them directly.