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Is All Your Mail Getting To Yahoo?

This news item expired November 5, 2006. It may contain out-of-date information.
Yahoo has recently made a change to their mail service which affects mail delivery to Yahoo accounts. The change is that mail to groups or lists above a certain number of recipients is being "deferred". This means that it is neither delivered immediately nor is it bounced back to the sender, but is queued for later delivery when the Yahoo server will accept it. Other universities are reporting the same issue, for example mail sent out from instructors to class lists.

On Wednesday, October 25 at 3:15 p.m., IT Services took all mail that was in this deferred status and routed it through another mail server to attempt faster delivery. If you are a Yahoo user and are seeing mail from Iowa State that was sent in the last few days and is just now being delivered, your mail was probably in this deferred status.

While forwarding email to another provider is an option, choosing to do this presents certain risks. You should also be aware of the University E-mail Communications policy. Recently another large mail service provider discarded legitimate mail as spam, a provider that black listed all mail from universities because of the volume of spam reported, and now mail delivery deferred by Yahoo.

If you would like to unforward your mail, log into and click on the first button to return to using POP mail service from Iowa State. Mail there can be read using WebMail.