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AppleTalk Removed from Network

This news item expired March 2, 2007. It may contain out-of-date information.
Information Technology Services has been working to resolve a rare but service-affecting problem with the campus network. This problem has led to several network outages for buildings supported by the router in Parks Library. After extensive troubleshooting, we discovered the primary cause of these instabilities is an irresolvable bug with native AppleTalk, a networking protocol used by Macintosh computers for printing and file sharing. This bug appeared after router software upgrades were installed to support new networking initiatives and to enhance router security. Because of the critical need for network stability, IT Services was forced to take an emergency step to remove native AppleTalk from the router in Parks Library on January 25, 2007. Note that AppleTalk over TCP/IP, the preferred network standard on all OS 9 and OS X Macintosh computers, continues to function in these buildings and throughout campus. Also, native AppleTalk within each affected campus building continues to work, but with the new AppleTalk zone of ’Local network“. For IT Services to continue our router software upgrades, we will be forced to remove native AppleTalk routing throughout campus. ITS Networks and Communications is proposing permanent removal of native AppleTalk from the campus network backbone on Tuesday, February 20, 2007 at 6:00 a.m. For those affected by removal of native AppleTalk, there are other, often easily configured, alternate printing and file sharing options. Network Printing Options: -- At any time, switch the printing protocols used to attach to the printers. For example, select ’Jet Direct“, rendezvous, or type the TCP/IP address of the printer. -- After AppleTalk is removed from the campus backbone, reboot the computer and re-select the printer from the newly defined network zone ’Local network“. File Sharing Options: -- At any time, users can access their shares by entering its IP address or selecting it from the list of rendezvous devices. -- After AppleTalk is removed from the campus backbone, the user can see in-building file shares in the building under the zone ’Local network“ We do not believe this will affect Windows, Linux, or Unix users in any way. Information Technology Services apologizes for the short notice of this network change. We understand the change may be disruptive to some of our users. If needed, we are willing adjust the proposed termination date to ease the transition. We are also willing to assist IT support staff and users to find the necessary workarounds for any difficulties that may occur. If you need assistance, please contact your departmental computer support staff or the Solution Center, 195 Durham Center, 515-294-4000. Additional information can be found at