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Collaborative Learning Spaces Available for Students

This news item expired May 4, 2007. It may contain out-of-date information.
Students working on group projects now have more places to meet, conveniently located near central campus. IT Services recently announced the availability of six new collaborative learning spaces in the Durham Center.

A recent construction project revamped existing space into meeting rooms specifically designed for student project meetings and work sessions. Each room is fully equipped with popular media equipment, office furnishings, and movable furniture to enable flexible arrangements to suit a variety of needs.

In addition to Ethernet and wireless network access, a ceiling-mounted projector, pulldown projector screen, printer, and a desktop computer have been installed in each space. Whiteboards enable easy brainstorming sessions. Wireless mouse and keyboard can be checked out for us in a space, and two of the rooms have a scanner.

All the furniture is movable, so students can configure a room to suit their needs. Seating choices include lounge chairs and conference room chairs, with suitable accompanying tables. To maintain energy during extended work sessions, food and covered drinks may be brought into the rooms.

Reservations for the spaces are required but can easily be made online; room availability can also be checked online. Students log into the reservation system using their Iowa State Net-ID and password. Rooms are reserved in one-hour increments, up to four hours a day per individual. For last-minute needs, the lab monitor in 139 Durham Center can check on room availability.

There is no charge to students to use these collaborative learning spaces. More information is available at