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Email Phishing Scams! DO NOT REPLY!

This news item expired January 20, 2009. It may contain out-of-date information.
Some Iowa State email accounts are receiving variations of email alleging to be from WebMail Support, Admin Help Desk, IASTATE Support Team, and other similar senders, asking users to verify their password or other personal information by replying to the message or clicking on a link. These emails are a scam. Do not reply to or click on links in these emails!

If you receive such an email, delete it and do not respond. If you did respond, immediately go to, and change your password.

Iowa State University, IT Services, or the Solution Center will never ask you to send your password or other confidential personal information via email.

If you have questions, contact the Solution Center at 515-294-4000, email at , or in person at 195 Durham Center.

Additional information can also be found at