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Safeguard Laptop Data

This news item expired June 15, 2009. It may contain out-of-date information.
The popularity of mobile computing devices is growing and becoming a standard of user productivity and efficiency. The portability that comes with mobile computing devices also comes with a higher risk of loss and theft of data, especially if the device is lost or stolen.

IT Services offers a Whole Disk Encryption service to keep data safeguarded from unauthorized access, particularly on laptops and mobile devices. ITS manages the licenses and provides support for McAfee Endpoint Encryption to anyone on campus using university-owned equipment.

Whole Disk Encryption protects data written to the hard drive. If the hard drive is taken out and placed into another computer, it will be unreadable. ITS personnel can also force a computer to reboot if powered on, logged into, and connected to the Internet, or can disable all users on the computer, preventing someone from logging in.

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