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US Cellular Offers Free Battery Swap for Iowa State Employees

This news item expired June 23, 2009. It may contain out-of-date information.
US Cellular, a contracted provider of cell phone service for employees of Iowa State University, has just announced a new program for current customers. The program, Battery Swap, allows Iowa State employees who have a contract with US Cellular to exchange the battery in their phone at any US Cellular retail store free of charge.

If you are an employee of Iowa State University who uses US Cellular as your cell phone provider and find your battery is running low, has trouble holding a charge, or will no longer work in your phone, you may exchange it at any US Cellular store. If you are simply running out of power due to heavy usage and do not have a charger available, you may use this program to obtain a fully charged battery from any US Cellular store as well.

The Battery Swap program is open to all US Cellular customers, including ISU employees, with an active phone line and an eligible handset. Battery swaps are limited to four per handset per month and are performed at the discretion of US Cellular. Handsets in need of repair may not be eligible for this program. Extended batteries are not eligible for this program, either.

The batteries used in Battery Swap may not necessarily be new, and US Cellular does not offer any warranty for the batteries. US Cellular accepts no liability for batteries other than to replace them. For additional information on this program, stop by any US Cellular store or visit