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Digital Transition on June 12

This news item expired June 16, 2009. It may contain out-of-date information.
Midnight on June 12 marks the transition of the broadcast industry to digital transmission. This means that all analog transmitters will be turned off. (There are exceptions, but not in our market.)

Beginning June 13, you will need to have a digital tuner (built-in or set-top box) to receive over-the-air television.

With the analog transmitter off, many stations will be moving their DTV transmission from UHF to their VHF channel allocations. This means that your receiver will not know where to find several stations tomorrow. The solution is to re-scan your tuners tomorrow. This involves going into the menu and
performing the basic setup.

Note that this change also affects any transmitter/receiver device that uses the same frequencies as the television analog signal (for example, wireless microphones). See the FCC site ( for additional information.