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CyMail Now Available for All Students

This news item expired November 16, 2009. It may contain out-of-date information.
CyMail, Iowa State's implementation of Google's Gmail system, is now available for all students. Since August 4, new students have been getting CyMail accounts, but now current users of WebMail can migrate to the new CyMail system as well.

Students wanting to migrate can go to the CyMail Migration Page and follow the prompts to begin using the new system. The process that migrates existing mail is automated and runs unattended. It may take up to 24 hours to move everything over, but the new account is available immediately and may be used for sending and receiving new messages.

CyMail accounts allow for document sharing, calendaring, website creation, and instant messaging in addition to email. Students receive seven gigabytes of storage space and access to a robust and well-documented set of tools for online work and collaboration. CyMail is well-suited for use with devices such as smartphones and netbooks, providing an integrated mobile communications environment.

Currently, CyMail is not available to faculty and staff. The university is continuing to look into the possibility of providing that service, but compliance with federal laws covering export control regulations and privacy standards required by FERPA are issues of concern that must be addressed.

For more information, visit the IT Services CyMail page.