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Workstation Power Management

This news item expired December 20, 2009. It may contain out-of-date information.
In an effort to lower energy costs to departments, and the University as a whole, IT Services is continuing to implement energy conservation settings through power management on Windows workstations with administrative desktop support beginning Tuesday, December 1.

If your computer is managed by IT Services, these settings will be applied automatically and will not require any interaction on your part.

The power management settings to be applied are as follows:

-- Turn off monitor after 10 minutes
-- Turn off hard disks after 20 minutes
-- System standby after 1 hour

Please note that by going into system standby mode, the computer will appear to be off but is actually in a low power state and can be resumed quickly by pressing a key on the keyboard, moving the mouse, or by pressing the power button on the computer. Once the computer is back online, you will be prompted for your login credentials. Once this information is entered, the computer should be running all the previous applications that were open before it went into system standby mode.

If the computer is to be fully shut down, you will need to bring the station out of standby mode first, before shutting the computer down, to prevent losing any data or causing file corruption.

IT Services has built in an exception for these power settings so that they will not apply if you use Remote Desktop. IT Services will be identifying those users and stations before the energy settings are applied.

Again, IT Services intends to apply these settings for all Windows workstations with administrative desktop support beginning Tuesday, December 1. If you require an exception, or if you have any questions about these settings, please contact either Darrin Fischer (515-294-6126) or Mike Lohrbach (515-294-8227). We appreciate your consideration as we help Iowa State University save money and go green.