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Recent Attacks Result in Changes to Email Settings

This news item expired March 3, 2011. It may contain out-of-date information.
On December 18, Iowa State‘s computer network was compromised, resulting in University computers being blocked from accessing many services and web sites outside of the ISU domain. This situation specifically affected outgoing email and service to remote users of the campus network. IT Services programmers and analysts have worked to resolve this situation, and as a result have had to establish a new service for off-campus users. This new service will require many off-campus users to reconfigure their email clients or use the latest version of VPN to connect remotely to the campus network. Users who connect remotely to the campus network are urged to configure their computers in one of the two ways listed below as soon as possible to avoid future interruptions of service.

For information on reconfiguring the most popular email clients, see:
Download VPN for Windows here:
Download VPN for Mac here:
Additional VPN help for Mac users is also available here: