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Social Networking Sites Add Secure Browsing Option

This news item expired April 9, 2011. It may contain out-of-date information.
Popular social networking sites Facebook and Twitter have recently begun offering users a more secure way to log into their services. On March 16, Twitter announced that it will give users the option to always connect to using HTTPS. Using HTTPS encrypts communications between users‘ computers and Twitter servers, reducing the chances that hackers will gain access to sensitive data, such as passwords and other personal information. Facebook began offering this option to its users earlier this year, as well. While this will provide a more secure browsing experience with Facebook, some features, including many third-party apps do not currently support HTTPS. Users who opt for the secure connection will be prompted to continue with an unsecured connection when trying to access any of these apps. The secure browsing feature will be turned back on automatically when the user is finished with the app.

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