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New Anti-Virus Software Adopted for Iowa State

This news item expired June 1, 2011. It may contain out-of-date information.
IT Services now offers Microsoft Forefront Endpoint Protection for Windows computers on campus. The addition of Forefront renders our current arrangement with McAfee redundant, as both anti-virus software programs offer similar protection. Due to this duplication of service, all campus users are encouraged to migrate to Forefront by June 30, 2011 when our current license with McAfee expires.

IT Services technicians are currently reviewing products to meet the needs of Macintosh and Linux operating systems. Recommendations or comments regarding these systems should be sent to .

Microsoft Forefront software and documentation is available for campus use at

If you installed McAfee (university site license) on non-university owned equipment, you will need to move to an alternative product as well. If you purchased McAfee on your own, this does not apply. Suggested programs to replace McAfee include:

-- Microsoft Essentials:

For help with migrating to Forefront, or if you have questions or comments, contact the Solution Center at (515) 294-4000 or .