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CyFiles: A New Storage Option

This news item expired October 1, 2011. It may contain out-of-date information.

A new file storage service called CyFiles is now available for ISU students, faculty, and staff, and offers 5 GB of storage allocation for individual University files, with the ability to add additional space at the rate of $.10 per GB per month. Fees for the additional storage space can be billed to a user's U-bill or paid for through a departmental fund account. Users who request additional storage will be billed for the amount of storage used, not total amount requested.

CyFiles resides on a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device and is accessible to Windows, Macintosh, and Linux clients on and off campus. Off campus access requires the use of the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client. Files stored in CyFiles are backed up at regular intervals and can be easily recovered by the user without calling for assistance. Checkpoints, or snapshots, occur on a bi-hourly, daily, and weekly basis. Lost or damaged files can be recovered from any point in time from the latest two-hour backup to weekly backups.

CyFiles users can set their own access privileges without the help of an IT Services administrator, allowing users to easily share their files with others for collaborative efforts.

The IT Services team has been working with college IT professionals for more than a year to plan and implement CyFiles.

As of August 2, most campus user accounts were updated to enable automatic mapping to the U drive for Windows machines joined to the ISU domain. Some colleges or departments may have requested exceptions to this process, however. Individuals whose accounts were not updated should contact their departmental IT professional or the Solution Center for support.

For additional information, including instructions on accessing your CyFiles storage space, see the CyFiles service page.