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Cooking Up a New ERP

This news item expired September 23, 2011. It may contain out-of-date information.

Kuali (ku-wah-lee) 1. kitchen wok: humble utensil which plays an important role in a successful kitchen, ...

Business processes and the administrative systems software that support them are the utensils that play a vital role in the efficiency and effectiveness of a university.

Iowa State University embarked on a journey back in 2006 to review and over time evolve the administrative systems to meet the challenges of the 21st century. The administrative systems, often referred to as enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, needed more flexibility due to changing regulations and competitive pressures, and they needed to operate in concert with the ever changing technology needs of faculty, staff, and students.

The journey started with an engagement with an independent consulting firm to assess the current state of ERP systems at Iowa State and the higher education community. Next a long-range strategy was developed, and in FY12 the final stages of the Kuali Financial Systems along with the first phase of the Kuali Coeus research administrative systems will be assembled for the start of FY13 in July 2012. Along the way a data warehouse, branded as eData, has been constructed to improve the tools for accessing information to aid in making better decisions.

The Kuali Foundation has been building and refining a method of collaboration since 2004 that leverages the talents, skills, and experiences of some of the top research universities. Kuali has grown from an "idea" of six universities and two commercial affiliates to a growing organization of over 50 universities and 9 commercial affiliates that provide ERP solutions for higher education. Kuali stands out as the only community source (no software license fees) solution for administrative systems for higher education built by higher education.

Iowa State University is an investing partner in the Kuali Rice and the Kuali Coeus projects and one of three founding partners in the Kuali People Management for the Enterprise project.

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