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Summer is a Hot Time for Classroom Services

This news item expired October 1, 2011. It may contain out-of-date information.

Summer tends to be a very busy time for the Classroom Services team in Academic Technologies. They're the ones charged with upgrading and maintaining media equipment in general use classrooms around the university, and for many locations, summer is about the only time when the rooms are available for more than a few minutes a day. When you have nearly 210 classrooms to service, time is a precious commodity.

During the last couple of months, the team performed major upgrades to 66 classrooms that involved everything from changing out old projectors for newer models, to upgrading sound systems, and installing new screens. Ten other rooms received routine maintenance and general preparation for the new school year.

But keeping up with existing spaces is just part of the job; there were also new projects that needed to get done. Large portions of Gilman Hall needed to be re-purposed for general classroom use. The Student Union Board wanted a movie theater installed in Carver Hall, with 1080i video and 7.2 Surround Sound. Dozens of spaces received new thin client computers, digital signage, and cameras and microphones for distance education purposes.

Now that new projects are complete, and the old rooms refreshed for a new school year, it's back to everyday operations; trouble calls, room demos for faculty, and responding to the media needs of our clients. Installations aren't over, though. Already the team is moving forward with projects for installing media equipment in college and department conference and meeting spaces... and starting to plan for next summer's work.

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