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Net-ID Account Suspensions

This news item expired October 27, 2011. It may contain out-of-date information.

Every semester, IT Services reviews the Net-ID accounts of individuals who are no longer at Iowa State University, and Administrative Accounts to determine if they are still necessary.

To insure that we don't mistakenly suspend an account, we send an email to the owner of the account requesting that they take action if the account is still necessary.

To be eligible for an account, you must fulfill one of these requirements:

  • Have been enrolled in class during 2011
  • Have been paid in 2011, and not X, XH, or C payclass
  • Be an emeritus faculty member
  • Be sponsored by a full-time Iowa State employee in the last 6 months
Is my account going to be suspended?

You can check if your account is going to be suspended by logging in to Account Services (ASW) with your Net-ID and password. This page will also give instructions for how to correct any faulty data.

What happens if my account is suspended?

When an account is suspended, you will no longer be able to:

  • Log in to Iowa State services such as Exchange email, CyMail, BlackBoard or WebCT.
  • Use authenticated services, such as public computer labs.
  • Save new files in online file space.
  • Retain a personal webpage at
What will I be able to do after my account is suspended?

If your account is suspended, email can still be forwarded until early next semester. For instructions on forwarding email, read Forward Your ISU Email Using ASW.

For more information about ISU email accounts, visit the Email for Faculty and Staff or Email for Students (CyMail) service pages.