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Exchange 2010 Offers New Features for Outlook Web App

This news item expired February 7, 2012. It may contain out-of-date information.

Work began in October to migrate campus Exchange email to the Exchange 2010 environment. IT Services staff are working with individual campus units to determine the best time to schedule these migrations. Users will be notified when their accounts are scheduled for migration to the Exchange 2010 environment.

The Exchange 2010 environment offers many improvements over Exchange 2007, most notably the additional features offered in the Outlook Web App (OWA) used to access email from web browsers.

OWA users will now experience the full feature set with the most popular web browsers, including Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome in addition to Internet Explorer. This new compatibility allows for a consistent look and functionality across all of these browsers. The OWA Lite application will still be used with unsupported or mobile browsers.

The web interface with the new OWA is very similar to Microsoft's Outlook email program. Included are a reading pane for previewing messages as well as menus that allow easy access to many features previously unavailable in OWA. Emails can be grouped by conversation, for easier sorting and organization. Reminders also appear at the top of the OWA screen, and notification sounds are now available in OWA. Other features include shortcut menus similar to those found in Outlook, which can be accessed by right-clicking on mailboxes, calendar entries, and contacts. OWA also allows users to access mailboxes and calendars of other users and access public folders for which the user has permission.

New options in OWA include the ability to send notifications as text messages to your phone for different types of alerts, including calendar or task reminders and incoming email messages. For users who have the Outlook email client installed on their computer, the "Connect Outlook to this Account" feature provides instructions on configuring the program to work with their account. OWA also allows users to generate Delivery Reports on messages sent to an account or group.

Users accessing OWA now will notice the new login screen; however, the new features and look will not be available until their account has been migrated.

Additional information can be found on the Email for Faculty & Staff (ISU Exchange) service page, or on Microsoft's Outlook Web App in Microsoft Exchange page.