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NSF CyberInfrastructure Login

This news item expired April 6, 2012. It may contain out-of-date information.

Researchers can now use their Iowa State University login to authenticate for secure access to cyberinfrastructure (CI) resources. The CILogon project provides the open source, standards-based CILogon service at This service bridges the identity credentials generated by the nation's universities, through the InCommon Federation, to a certificate for authentication to NSF's cyberinfrastructure projects.

A key goal of CI is to support scientific collaboration through a variety of computational, network, data, and software elements distributed across campuses, regional, national and international organizations, and spanning scientific communities. Critical to supporting the CI ecology is a well-coordinated, usable identity management system on which CI services can be built to allow for trusted collaboration and sharing of computer and data resources across researchers' institutions.

To acquire a credential, the user must be able to validate against his or her institution's login process. For ISU users, this means having a valid Net-ID and password. The user goes to and selects Iowa State University from a drop-down list. The user is redirected to the university login page, enters their Net-ID and password, and is returned to CILogon. CILogon will issue a certificate for downloading and the user creates their own password (at least 12 characters).

If you would like more information about CILogon, visit