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What Every Graduate Should Know Before Leaving Iowa State

This news item expired May 23, 2012. It may contain out-of-date information.

ITS would like to congratulate all students who will be graduating from Iowa State in May. As you prepare for the next step in your journey, we recommend you take the time to review the information below to help make your transition from Iowa State a smooth one.


Students graduating in May will still be able to access their Iowa State CyMail account until the beginning of spring semester, 2013. During this time, you can retrieve any saved mail or documents you want to keep. After the beginning of fall semester 2012, you will not be able to log in to your CyMail account; however, you can set the account to forward via ASW until the beginning of February 2013. After February 2013 information from your Iowa State email account will no longer be stored or accessible. If you return to Iowa State as a student or staff member in the meantime, your account will remain active.

For complete information on managing your ISU email after graduation, including forwarding options and information on setting up an Alumni Association Account, see the CyMail service page.


Student records remain available through AccessPlus after graduation. Iowa State graduates can order transcripts and check UBill balances on AccessPlus. ITS recommends that graduates keep a record of their University ID in order to log in to AccessPlus after graduation. Graduates who forget their University ID can log in to AccessPlus with their Social Security Number; however, we strongly advise against using this method. Although AccessPlus is secure, logging in from an unsecured network could allow others access to your private information, which is why we recommend using University IDs rather than Social Security Numbers.

For more information on AccessPlus, see How To Get Your Information on AccessPlus.


CyFiles accounts remain active for one year after graduation. We recommend copying any files you may want to keep to a different location prior to leaving ISU to avoid losing any important files, as you will not be able to access them after the account has been suspended.

For complete information, see the CyFiles service page.

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, or 195 Durham Center.

For complete information, including hours, see the Solution Center web page.