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ISU Participates in Apple's Volume Purchase Program for Discounted iOS Apps

This news item expired September 30, 2012. It may contain out-of-date information.

Iowa State University is now participating in Apple's Volume Purchase Program (VPP). Under this program, many popular applications for iPads, iPhones, and iPod touch devices are available at a 50 % discount through Apple's iTunes store. To qualify for this discount, 20 or more copies of the same app must be purchased at the same time from an academic unit or department on campus.

To see if a specific app is part of the VPP, go to the VPP Education store, enter the name of the app in the search box, select Apps for the media type and click Search. In the list that is generated, click on the app to see the pricing details. Apps that qualify for the discount will have a single unit price as well as a discounted price for 20 or more units listed.

If the app you are interested in qualifies for the VPP, contact your local VPP Facilitator. VPP Facilitators will coordinate with others in your unit to determine if there is enough demand for the app to qualify for the discount. If demand for the app does not exist, your facilitator can still assist you with the purchase if necessary.

You can find complete information on the Apple Volume Purchasing Program at Iowa State or find the VPP Facilitator for your area. If you do not see a facilitator for your area, or if you have additional questions regarding the VPP, email

isuapplepm (at) iastate (dot) edu