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Wireless Project Update (August 2012)

This news item expired March 26, 2013. It may contain out-of-date information.

Information Technology Services (ITS) began a new wireless initiative in October 2011 to enhance and expand wireless access across campus. The goal of this initiative is to upgrade classrooms and increase capacity in high-usage areas (classrooms included) by adding enterprise-grade wireless equipment.

Below is an overview of our progress.

Buildings with updated infrastructure and wireless access coverage:

  • Coover
  • Design
  • Durham
  • Food Science
  • Hach
  • LeBaron
  • McKay
  • Pearson
  • Physics
  • Ross
  • Science 1 and 2
  • Sweeney

Next buildings to receive updated infrastructure:

  • East
  • Frederiksen Court
  • Hamilton
  • Heady
  • Lagomarcino

Further information about wireless service can be found on the Data Network Connection (Wireless, Ethernet, and DSL) service page. Read more about this project on the Campus-wide Wireless Upgrade project page.