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Scam Alert: Latest Phishing Emails Appear to Come from ITS

This news item expired October 21, 2012. It may contain out-of-date information.

Email users at Iowa State University have reported a new email scam. This latest phishing email is made to appear legitimate by using the Solution Center's email address.

The email may have the words IMPORTANT NOTICE in the subject line. The message tells the recipient that their Iowa State email account has been reported for numerous SPAM activities, and instructs them to confirm ownership of the account by clicking on a link and logging in. The message goes on to say that failure to confirm the account will violate ITS policy.

This message appears to be signed by the Chief Information Officer, making it appear even more genuine.

Remember, ITS will never ask for your user name, password or other personal information in an email. If you receive one of these messages, delete it.

If you have questions about this information, contact the ITS Security team at

itsecurity (at) iastate (dot) edu